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Water’s Bottle Battle Enters New Phase…

Europeans were long known for drinking bottled water “because tap water wasn’t safe,” letting Americans feel smug because we had all happily guzzled ours from the taps for decades without a thought–and without health problems. Then somebody thought to make bottled … Continue reading

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U.S. Military Needs ‘International Permission?’

The Presidents’ concern for the Constitution is getting some attention from non-major media sources; it’s not newsworth enough for the MSM big boys, apparently. Defense Sectretary Panetta recently clarified any doubts in public: Panetta: ‘International Permision’ Trumps Congress’ Permission for … Continue reading

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Reversed Racism Is the Cure for Racism? (Or Is It Just Revenge?)

Would you kindly explaing why something I do to you is intolerable while your doing the same thing to me is laudable? Or more specificly, why if I do it to you, it’s racism whereas if you do it to … Continue reading

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Currently Shocking Chevy Volt Firefighter Protection Scam

The Obama folks are always worrying about your welfare, right? Evidently, one of those worries was the possibility that you might crash your Chevy Volt, Government Motors’ gunpoint-produced technical marvel (it being a marvel if you could get it to … Continue reading

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Moslem Mighty Mucky-Muck Mandates Mashing All Regional Churches

Here goes a Moslem religious leader making the ‘religion of peace’ look bad again: Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia: ‘It’s necessary to destroy all the churches of the region’ Of course, we know (if we dig for news a lot) that the … Continue reading

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Energy Secretary Chu Chooses To Eschew His Chewed Energy Cud In Public…

It must be embarrassing for those with any residual honesty working for Obama. Any truth in his public statements is by now assumed to be so photoshopped as to be unrecognizable by passage through his teleprompters, let along off his … Continue reading

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U.S. War Chief Panetta Wants To Shoot U.S. Soldiers?

Shooting one soldier to encourage the rest used to be called the ‘British Army Method’ though it was old when the Romans used it. Apparently Obama’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is considering an updated version for U.S. use: Leon Panetta … Continue reading

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