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On Our Nation’s Healtcare And The Contents Of Our Mattresses

Dodge, I think it was, years ago advertised its cars as ‘bigger on the inside’ than they appeared from outside; today’s Obamacare recalls that to mind. Initially, we were told that it would insure some number between 19 and 31 … Continue reading

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How Spending Continues But We Miraculously Don’t Owe Any More Money

The U.S. Treasury spends money and receives it every working day. It has been spending more than it receives for years and those deficits provide our ever-growing National Debt for politicians to argue over and taxpayers to pay, with interest. … Continue reading

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Leadership From President Obama (GOP: Be Careful What You Ask For…)

The Prez has stood up and led while his party and its GOP opponents in Congress continue to play kid-level games with the country’s finances. He has put up a budget proposal that faces this much reality: It identifies Social … Continue reading

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Dognapping, Retirement, and Are You OK; the President Is!

Sometimes, it can be fun to line up a bunch of news reports on varied subjects, just to see what falls out. For example, we learned this recently from folks who worry about pets: Dognapping Up 70%. We conclude from this … Continue reading

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Relax! Alfred E. Neumann Is In Charge and All Is Well…

Not only are the scalawags we elected playing us on the debt and deficit but the scalawag-in-chief  leads the parade of mountebanks, churls and financial finaglers piping us into the slough of debt-spond. Our president now clearly intends to destroy … Continue reading

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The Real World and Fairy Tale Economics…

Forgetting for the moment who’s in charge, let’s consider what our government has made for itself and what it can do and can’t do with that reality. It’s a reality we are going to live with, right? And we can’t … Continue reading

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ObamaCare’s Proliferation of Warts…

Not only is health care owed us but what constitutes that care is also an ever-expanding menu, at least at the University of California. U.C. Berkely Health Plan Provides Up To $75,000 for Sex Change Operations will explain the latest. Used to … Continue reading

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Adding It Up for Yourself or, 1+1=1.67

Everybody knows the U.S. government owes more than it can repay and is still spending $1.3 T a year more than its income; it’s just that nobody believes it. Our leaders know what they’re doing and they all promise to … Continue reading

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