The Clowns Are Dancing In Washington…

ClownDncnThough laughter is left to you, this is a humorous piece; it’s about the GOP’s proffered budget, presently on offer from Speaker Boehner. Boehner’s Budget will inform you. The good Speaker of the House has smugly offered the idea of holding off Congressional pay until the reluctant (for 4 years, now) Senate passes a budget as demanded by law.  Until now, we hadn’t known Congressmen were aware of the requirement. Representative (R) Paul Ryan has the House version ready, as usual. The amusement begins with recognition that the budget is only a propaganda effort; it doesn’t control spending. It does however, put Congressfolk on record favoring–or not–whatever is in the budget, recently, large deficits. Ordinarily camera-hog Congresspeople suddenly become shy and retiring these days when putting their names on deficits comes up. Humorously, such is seldom the case when they’re voting on the four actual appropriation bills each year, the bills that actually spend the money…plus, of course, tons of pork. Somehow though, those never seem to make the headlines the way the purely theoretical budget does.

Legal types have been snickering about Boehner’s ploy; it seems unlikely Congressional pay can be shut off in real life the way the Speakers is talking of in his political posturing. But Congressfolk are seldom too concerned with reality, we know. And we’ve already heard that the Senate has agreed to cough up a budget this year, so the whole thing is probably political theater. But it has been offered, accepted and approved as though it were serious.

The play being produced seems (political) science fiction; Mr. Boehner’s budget is presented (trumpet flourish, please) as paying down the debt in 10 years. Yeah…what would you say if Dr. Boehner promised to cure your cancer in 10 years? Right. So the GOP game is as fake as that of a President who has said: “We don’t have a spending problem.” Dr. Obama isn’t offering to cure your cancer at all.

After watching all of this plus the equally nonsensical hoopla re guns and our new undertaking, the  unauthorized (by Congress) and unfunded pacification of sub-Saharan Africa on top of the Muddled East, I’m reminded of a couple of things. One is the old term: “Gold Digger.” That was used to describe a (usually) good-looking woman who seduced and if they could, married wealthy men to get their hands on the wealth. And I wonder whether those are what we’ve elected and sent to Washington?

The other thought is, a one-shot prescription for the guaranteed cure of all our country’s problems might be attained by simply replacing the D.C. beltway with California’s San Andreas earthquake fault. It’s a win-win, California certainly can use another freeway better than another earthquake and a say, 9.7 Richter on the translocated San Andreas would solve all our problems outside of New York City, Chicago and Los Amgeles…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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