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Who Scripted This U.S. Election?

The American economy has priced itself out of world competition. Public education works to prevent education and replace thought with obedience. Civil order is threatened by attacks on shared culture, language and behaviors. Government finance is foundering upon insolvency. Masses … Continue reading

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Greece’s Wiley E. Coyote Moment?

To begin: We are more opinionated than knowledgeable;. apply salt. For youngsters, Wiley E. Coyote chased the little Roadrunner (a Southwestern American ground-loving bird) off cliffs; the bird would take wing but the wingless coyote would not notice his predicament … Continue reading

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Will The Coming Riotous Black Summer Be Farce, Or Tragedy?

Some four years ago, economic inequality was the cause du jour and “Occupy Wall Street” was the name of the organized protests and quasi-riots used to pursue its agenda. Mostly young, mostly white and mostly unemployed ‘protesters’ marched, yelled and … Continue reading

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Being In The Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time…

In a Congress become more theatrical than Hollywood, Senate Republicans, stymied by the Presidents’ Chicken Little act on Sequestration, are considering handing the Prez the power to cut whatever he wishes, so long as he equals the $85 B to … Continue reading

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