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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

This week’s survivors: Trump’s U.S. Navy fleet expansion boom at billions of dollars per ship … (Report)  (Federal obligations already exceed $800 ,000 per family.) The culture: A group beat and robbed an 80 year old man in the Bronx. … Continue reading

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Juggling Garbage And Responsibility In Seattle …

Garbage appears as an upcoming Lefty crusade. We read increasingly of the deplorable food waste (31%, allegedly) and how not only irresponsible but actually unfashionable that is. The solutions are ‘better’ kitchen efficiency and  Compost. Being Lefties, to identify a target … Continue reading

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Federal Government Cannot Duck This!

When the politicians get together with science it’s wise to count your change, keep your hands in your purse or pocket and don’t look to either side. Weather science, adding alcohol to gasoline, ‘sustainable’ energy sources and a bunch more … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy Assigns Guardian To Reef In Environmental Binge

The U.S. Navy has more ships than any other navy; more in fact, than a bunch of other navies put together. It is nevertheless reported to be dissatisfied and thinks itself in need of a number of new ones now … Continue reading

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Public Education and Mail Service Helped Build; Now They’re Demolition

Government’s compulsory public education isn’t very old, only arriving with urbanization and the industrialization of the U.S, following developments in Bismarckian  Germany. It has never been intended to educate folk; rather, it’s purpose has always been to produce citizens instructed … Continue reading

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Obama Blows Your Dough on Dancers, Bedbugs and Earth Worship?

Modern Dancers, Bedbug Battlers, Earth Worshippers Get EPA ‘Environmental Justice’ Grants is convincing: The Obamanites are committed to spending first and worried about what they are buying with the money maybe about tenth, if at all. Taxpayer dough has to be … Continue reading

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