Benghazi’s American Dead And “What Difference Does It Make?”

BenghaziThe full power of the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress seem bent on assuring that four dead Americans who died representing the U.S. in Libya, make no difference. Is that the whole story? I don’t know.

What can we say we do know? Not much. We know, because it was public testimony, that Hillary Clinton responded to questions on the events in Benghazi with: “What difference does it make?” We do know that the Presidents’s Press Secretary Jay Carney, asked about Benghazi, dismissed the question with: “That was a long time ago.”

We know that there is a fourth witness confined in the wings by the Administrations’ stalling in granting a security clearance to his lawyer, who held a top secret clearance for years but now somehow can’t get processed. All the rest is media reports that you must decide to believe…or not.  Oh, sorry; we do know that Ambassador Chris Stevens.and three other Americans serving the country at the United States Embassy were murdered by Islamic terrorists. That’s it, for what we know.

We observe for ourselves the Congressional testimony on C-Span or via Fox News and hear the reports following from our news media. We hear that while the Benghazi affair was under way, phone and email conversations were going on between Tripoli (where the Embassy is located) and Washington. We’re told that there was a drone observing at least some of the action. And we’re told that President Obama chose those moments to depart the White House on a speaking tour of some sort. We assume that left Secretary Clinton in charge.

The media have reported and none have denied that no help was sent to the beleaguered diplomats, though they had been requesting help for some time. Who refused the help is murky and why is guesswork. We know that a Democratic Congressman claimed (during the hearing today) that the lack of help was a result of Republican budget cuts. We know too the dishonesty of this merely from the fact that spending requires approval from both the Republican controlled House and the Democrat controlled Senate. The undeniable fact that cannot be obfuscated is: The needed security was absent and so four Americans are dead.  On President Obama’s watch, with Secretary Clinton in charge. Four murdered bodies are not opinions, not politics; they are facts. Ask their families…

A U.S. Navy Captain may be asleep in his cabin when a careless, tired, incompetent, drunken or just unlucky sailor runs his ship aground. No matter; that Captains’s career is finished. He was in charge; he must bear the responsibility. That’s hard but so is the result of a slipshod military. And that’s what responsibility means in positions of power where the welfare of other is at stake.

It seems a shame that the concept of ‘responsibility’ hasn’t percolated upward from those who run the U.S. Navy to those who run the U.S.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to Benghazi’s American Dead And “What Difference Does It Make?”

  1. the unit says:

    The hearings. Right now I’m disappointed. I was hoping for something along the lines of natural law. Like when a huge storm cloud comes over and the bottom drops out! Of course this is man manipulated, not the law of nature.
    Issa says hearings will go on. He’ll be looking for new and more whisleblowers. Ok, so congress can’t learn who Lt. Col. Gibson is? What about the Gens and an Admiral relieved of command right after Benghazi? Will we hear some soldier named Gibson was a vet who committed suicide?
    I should know better, been through JFK, Watergate, the Nixon wage and price controls,and so much manipulation. And Armand Hammers visits to Russia during the Cold War.
    I do know better. Been waiting to get to the bottom of all of this all my life. As with many, I’ll probably never know and be gone before you all find out. 🙂

    P.S. In the fog of war how long did it take the Marines in March 2011 to go into Libya and retrive the two Air Force pilots whos jet crashed near Benghazi?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I suppose I know better too; I don’t really want to, though…

      • the unit says:

        Reality is settling in.
        Surely Shirley, call me anything just don’t call me late for supper. While I eat now, I watch today’s news, then American Idol, not what happened a long time ago. The manipulators know the psychology required to figure out the response of the masses.

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