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Overspending Figure Skaters And Congressfolk Compared

National  governments and the sport of figure skating share management by elected politicians; that provides some interesting comparisons. Enlightening, even. Let us consider for a moment: The United States is spending much more than it collects from its citizens. It … Continue reading

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We Have Congress, Naked In Its ‘New Clothes’ But Where Is That Little Boy With The Truth?

America’s existential problem is simple; it spends more than it makes, the cautionary tale of wastrels through history. That was first supported by borrowing and every American worker today owes the resulting $123,000 that is his share of that debt. … Continue reading

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A Most Remarkable Coincidence? (Can A Minor Sport Channel A Major Government?)

Before TV popularized it, Figure Skating was, along with tennis, the playground of the upper economic strata in America, the forks who belonged to country clubs… a few of which owned ice rinks. Daughters who skated also played tennis and … Continue reading

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Ben Bernanke, Wile E. Coyote and the Financial Cliff…

Anyone sharing a belief that government always ‘cures’ the ills it causes by applying more of what caused them, will be unsurprised by Fed Chair Ben Bernanke’s retreat from ‘tapering,’ the current euphemism for slowing the Fed’s manufacture of money … Continue reading

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How Spending Continues But We Miraculously Don’t Owe Any More Money

The U.S. Treasury spends money and receives it every working day. It has been spending more than it receives for years and those deficits provide our ever-growing National Debt for politicians to argue over and taxpayers to pay, with interest. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities…

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times in Dickens’ novel; but only the second choice applies today to Stockton or Detroit. Stockton is the first major California city to declare bankruptcy; Detroit has fallen from third … Continue reading

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Another Financial Shoe Drops…

We continue to point to the visible collapse of the world’s finances with this, our third in the ongoing series. South American monkeyshines–Argentina’s supermarket price freeze and Venezuela’s devaluation–were the first shoes to drop, followed by the German slowdown that … Continue reading

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Fixing Figure Skating: (Part Two: Finance)

Figure skating before television (BT) was an adult social activity of ballroom dancing on skates and a sport for daughters of the well-to-do in competition. The skaters often switched to tennis in the summer. The cost of ice and instruction … Continue reading

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The Hair Of The Dog…

Readers old enough (pretty old, actually) will recall “the hair of the dog that bit you” as a prescription advising folks with a hangover from the previous nights’ imbibing to cure the next morning’s unpleasantness  with another drink as soon … Continue reading

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Figure Skating’s Financial Fools Channel Congress

Once upon a time, figure skaters paid for their sport, including a small annual dues paid to the national governing body so that there would be rules and officials. If somebody won a title, a medal was awarded; for more … Continue reading

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