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Could Morphine Explain U.S. Politics?

Morphine may shrink your brain in as little as one month. That could explain why at least some voters choose as they do. But, Americans  are apparently abandoning their two political parties and that suggest that they are wising up. Or … Continue reading

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They Want To Distract Us With ISIS Again?

Islamic State (ISIS) has taken Ramadi, the primary city in Iraq’a prov9ince of Anbar. Some of the propagandists will promote this as evidence that ISIS is a world threat in need of U.S. military response to stave off an ISIS … Continue reading

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The Clowns Are Dancing In Washington…

Though laughter is left to you, this is a humorous piece; it’s about the GOP’s proffered budget, presently on offer from Speaker Boehner. Boehner’s Budget will inform you. The good Speaker of the House has smugly offered the idea of holding off … Continue reading

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Do the Republicans in Washington Represent Their Voters Anymore?

Would you say political parties exist to push into power candidates desired and slelected by the members? Let’s consider the GOP: First, the party has to fend off opposition claims that it’s anti-black. But it belittled and attacked (with lots of … Continue reading

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