Leadership From President Obama (GOP: Be Careful What You Ask For…)

Cut Benefits, Raise Taxes (Bury Republicans!)

Cut Benefits, Raise Taxes
(Bury Republicans!)

The Prez has stood up and led while his party and its GOP opponents in Congress continue to play kid-level games with the country’s finances. He has put up a budget proposal that faces this much reality: It identifies Social Security and Medicare as sources of the deficit and debt and proposes to reduce their impact while of course, raising taxes.

Kindly don’t mistake the meaning here; the President’s new budget remains as much a fake as were his previous attempts, so far as solving the problem goes. But he has put the problem up in lights for the first time instead of denying it as heretofore. Good for him.

The Democrats carp at his entitlement targets without offering sources for the money they cost. The Republicans stand on “No tax increases” without offering specific solutions to the deficits. Neither is being serious, though the problem is, very. And the President’s budget is a band-aid for a bleeding artery which also adds new, additional spending on new goodies, like public pre-schools. But at least, his band-aid is on the correct leg, where the bleeding is located. That’s more than can be said of the Congressfolk from either side.

The GOP has faulted the Prez for lack of leadership and for rigid partisanship; they’ve been fair in doing so, at least on this issue. Now Obama is pointing at the needed direction, the first leader to do so. Lke those 5,000 attorneys on the sea bottom, it’s only a good start. But it is a start, long overdue.

The Republicans helped elect him in 2012 by antagonizing those in their historic base. Now, they’re making him into the leader they have complained that he is not. They need to be careful what they ask for…

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