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Syrian Update (Provide Your Own Aspirin)

We wish to clarify Syria so that we can understand it; perhaps trying that here will assist the process. We can stand some assistance. So, thinking in public, what is going on in Syria? This week, anyway. Well, dead people … Continue reading

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Are the Arabs and Persians Really U.S. Bisomess?

President Obama’s Middle East policy is leaning toward Iran and away from Saudi Arabia. Some complain that he has vacillated and it is time for him to choose one or the other. We have our own opinion; perhaps you have … Continue reading

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Syria, Seriously … (Cast of Millions, Fleeing, Starving or Dead)

Reprise: Syria’s Assad dictatorship was an Iranian client and a minority Shia Moslem family running a majority Sunni Moslem country as a police state. An ‘Arab Spring’ uprising threw the place into civil war when the Assads refused to leave … Continue reading

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I’TS (Insert Name)’s FAULT! (It can’t be US!)

We seem a consistent, if pretty funny species. Arabs are poor and exploited by the damn Jews and the West. Russians are poor and exploited by the West as well; the Chinese are just recovering from the same disease. South … Continue reading

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Moslems Have A Policy For Western Civilization And For Jews …

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) now controls chunks of Iraq and Syria and is going after the Kurds. Hamas is going after Israel. Both are weak military, relying on terror to attain their goals. ISIL wants … Continue reading

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Noting That The Original Crusades Didn’t Work Out, Either…

What’s your image of an Arab? Forget the camel, the burnoose and the Sultans (mostly Turkish, anyway) and consider today’s Egyptians, Saudis, Palestinians etc. They are generally poor (except the bosses), subject to dictators, and difficult. They almost  universally hate and … Continue reading

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We Have Always Known It’s The Jews’ Fault!

European (and American) antisemitism was general before WWII. Hitler’s not-so-secretly envied solution brought immediate postwar guilt when the camps full of its excesses received inescapable publicity. That much of the guilt was hypocritical did not prevent its leading to the … Continue reading

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The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend…Unless He’s an Enemy, Too!

President Obama has been helping the Syrian ‘rebels’ but declines to admit how much aid has occurred. No, Congress hasn’t approved the help and the entire situation is murky, not only the President’s refusal to chronicle his aid. Conservative observer … Continue reading

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