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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

 Gleanings of the week: Corruption: U.S. Navy probe expanded now includes over 60 admirals plus others (Report) The culture: White male students are called upon last in some classrooms (Report) (Hmnn … Isn’t that discrimination?) More corruption: An example from … Continue reading

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Syrian Update (Provide Your Own Aspirin)

We wish to clarify Syria so that we can understand it; perhaps trying that here will assist the process. We can stand some assistance. So, thinking in public, what is going on in Syria? This week, anyway. Well, dead people … Continue reading

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Geopolitics and Greed Explain a Lot

Media and governments tell us what they want us to know. Exactly as you would do in their place, not so? Really?  we’re being honest? So there are some not hidden, but ignored issues in our endless wars these days. … Continue reading

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How Ships and Missiles Are Like Armored Knights and Gunpowder …

China and some other countries now have supersonic anti-ship missiles that can be submarine launched hundreds of miles from the target. The missile will travel just above sea level at about 600 miles per hour and accelerate to three times … Continue reading

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A Celtic Fantasy Plays Out In Scotland

Fantasy sells we suppose, because among other reasons, reality kind of sucks; it’s not famously a lot of fun. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” is a bit short of the appeal in: “Vote for me … Continue reading

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Choices We Ignore That Our Leaders Cannot (And We Pay Their Prices)

Europe is quietly (so far as U.S. news reports are concerned) declining to improve economically. It remains Stuck   in its Greatest Depression and can no more find its way out than can the U.S. But there is one very significant difference … Continue reading

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