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Israel: Dog Bites Man vs. Man Bites Dopg?

We recall the old journalists’ measure: “If a dog bits a man, that’s not news. But if a man bites a dog, that’s news!” There seems a modern parallel between Arabs attacking Jews and vice versa. Russians don’t like Jews … Continue reading

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Refugees and Invaders Can Be Hard to Tell Apart …

Massive numbers of mostly Moslem refugees are flooding Europe in an attempt to escape the fact that they cannot live in peace in their homelands. Small, relatively poor Hungary has imprisoned arriving refugees in their trains the last couple of … Continue reading

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U.S. Immigration, Europe, Reality And Phyllis Schlafly

North America and Europe are increasingly rattled by immigration now; it is proving troublesome and neither has yet devised any solution to the resulting problems. Primarily, this represents political decadence and a retreat from reality. All Immigrants are first, emigrants; … Continue reading

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President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu … and Doctor Strangelove

Add and stir over rising heat:   Iran, Nuclear weapons and Israel. Use a long spoon for the stirring and be ready to jump back quickly. President Obama has picked up the legendary Tar Baby, the wood doll coated with tar that, … Continue reading

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I’TS (Insert Name)’s FAULT! (It can’t be US!)

We seem a consistent, if pretty funny species. Arabs are poor and exploited by the damn Jews and the West. Russians are poor and exploited by the West as well; the Chinese are just recovering from the same disease. South … Continue reading

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Comparisons: Do Moslems Behave Differently Than Did Nazis? (Does Anyone Else?)

We’ve been comparing. One comparison was Republicans versus Democrats. We noted that President Bush liked Middle Eastern wars, hiked up Medicare with prescriptions coverage and dealt with the financial crash by bailing out the banks with money he didn’t have … Continue reading

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The Astonishing Invisibility Of 300 Schoolgirls

Over three weeks ago, more than 300 students were kidnapped in Nigeria by Moslem terrorists, taken from a government boarding school for girls. Over 50 escaped and told their stories but some 276 remain captives of the Boko Haram Islamists, … Continue reading

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