Syrian Update (Provide Your Own Aspirin)

300dpi rgb jpg 8.18"x10"

300dpi rgb jpg 8.18″x10″

We wish to clarify Syria so that we can understand it; perhaps trying that here will assist the process. We can stand some assistance. So, thinking in public, what is going on in Syria? This week, anyway.

Well, dead people for one, now hitting the hundreds of thousands. Many are civilians, as the Syrian Assad government bunch targets civilians suspected of pro-rebel tendencies. The Russians don[t seem to target civilians but don’t mind killing them to get at their targets. U.S. forces let targets go to save civilians, resulting in the use of civilians as sh shields by terrorists. A secondary effect is the flood of  Syrian migrants presently troubling the Europeans.

Who is fighting whom? Here it gets sticky.

1. Sunni Moslems are fighting Shia Moslems. (All over the Middle East.)

2. Secular rebels (left from the Arab Springg)  are fighting the Assad government.

3. Islamic radical rebels are fighting the Assad government and the secular rebels.

4. Shia terrorists Hezbollah (From Lebanon, courtesy of Iran) is defending the Assad government. (The Assads are sort of Shia and clients of Iran.).

5.ISIS is fighting the Assads, the other rebels and most everybody else.

.  6. Russia and Iran are fighting everyone who attacks the Assads.

7. Saudi Arabia is helping with air cover and threatening invasion to oppose the Assads and Iran.

8. Turkey is using artillery and air attacks against the Syrian Kurds,  who oppose Assad and ISIS.

Note: Most of the above claim to be opposing ISIS as an excuse for presence in Syria and some actually do, to a point. In response, ISIS is constructing a refuge in Libya.

Note: It’s Sunni vs. Shia, Arab vs. Iranians, Turkey vs. Russia, the U.S./E.U. vs Russia/Iran and nearly all against ISIS to a greater or lesser extent. For the moment, Russia/Iran/Assads are winning, sort of. ISIS is losing.

To season the brew, the Turks have sot down a Russian plane and the Israelis have bombed Assad arms storage places used by Hezbollah “to prevent arms shipments to Lebanon.”

We will not be surprised if, by the time you read this, it will be out of date but it is the best we can manage for now. If you have corrections or additions available, they will be gratefully received. It is difficult enough to track the pea under 3 walnut shells; Syria is more like three peas under seven shells … manipulated by a load of politicians rather than by one grofter. Sorry; this is the best we can mange for now …

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