The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend…Unless He’s an Enemy, Too!

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend...

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend…

President Obama has been helping the Syrian ‘rebels’ but declines to admit how much aid has occurred. No, Congress hasn’t approved the help and the entire situation is murky, not only the President’s refusal to chronicle his aid.

Conservative observer Sarah Paling wants to know why the U.S. is engaging in a messy civil war that will likely produce a U.S. enemy no matter which side prevails, especially when the U.S. lacks the money to pay for its actions. Seems a reasonable question…Syria will take you to her views in more detail.

Syrian ‘Rebels’ explains how the heavily divided rebels are being taken over by their Islamic extremist faction, which is heavily al Qaeda in loyalty. The secular and moderate rebels are being chased from influence per these reports.

Our President is presently engaged in declaring victory and exiting Iraq/Afghanistan, leaving both with accelerating terrorism and Iraq now helping its former enemy, Iran, in Syria. 

U.S. client Egypt, the regional Arab heavyweight, is now ruled by the Moslem Brotherhood after its Arab Spring and its stability seems a question while its policy is less neutral and more overtly anti-Israeli. The entire Middle East resembles an anthill that has been trampled. Ms. Palins’ question seems timely: What’s the reason for expending more time, treasure and likely before it’s done, lives, in Syria where both sides hate us?

The Arabs say: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” we are told. What applies when all the enemies hate us equally? Add to that, when all our preceding tries have come up snake eyes?

Your call; we already know what the Prez wants, though not exactly why he wants it. If his mission is to save a sad bunch of poor people, he has plenty of those here at home…

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2 Responses to The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend…Unless He’s an Enemy, Too!

  1. James Teague says:

    This morning’s news (31 Aug 2013) says the rebels are planning to attack the sites they think the US is going to strike as soon as the dust clears. What places would you rain missiles on in response to a chemical strike. Places that have access to chemical delivery? So the outcome will be rebel access to chemicals, rockets, artillery delivery systems. Wow, that will solve the nasty problem of using chemicals on enemies for sure!

    Don’t forget the Afghanistan contractors the Army says it cannot keep from getting contracts even though it is a known fact that these contractors are associated with the Taliban. Unbelievable!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I’ve been wondering where I’d drop a missile in Obama’s place; other than the top of Assad’s head, I can’t think of anywhere that would be meaningful. Seems to me, no matter what he does now, the Prez has made a public fool of himself…

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