Moslems Have A Policy For Western Civilization And For Jews …

ISIS Terrorists

ISIS Terrorists

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) now controls chunks of Iraq and Syria and is going after the Kurds. Hamas is going after Israel. Both are weak military, relying on terror to attain their goals. ISIL wants a Sunni Moslem state of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon from which it will go out to conquer the world;  Hamas, a splinter off the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood, wants the total destruction of Israel.

On its current road toward that goal, Hamas has fired some 3,200 missiles into Israel, targeting its population indiscriminately. In pursuit of its own goal, ISIL has ripped the crosses from Christian churches, destroyed the Old Testament Tombs of Jonah and Daniel ,   beheaded  and Crucified  Christians and other non-Moslems and has kidnapped hundreds of non-Moslem women and girls. And of course there is the more regular killing and property damage. ISLI is enthusiastic about converting people to Islam, no exceptions as Hamas is enthusiastic about eliminating Jews.

It is notable that one doesn’t hear scandalized revulsion from the mass of world Moslems. In the case of the Jews, we are now seeing protesters upset that the Israelis are causing death and damage in their rather restrained attempts to shut down the missiles from Gaza.And we note that, while Israel pays for its own defense with help from the U.S, both ISLI and Hamas are entirely funded by outside interests in Arabia and for Hamas, also from Iran. Add to that, a great deal of support for Gaza from Europe and the United States. We wonder what the effect might be if the folks in Gaza were assured that all American and European aid would cease whenever missiles were fired at Israel?

For that matter, we wonder what would happen if Israel stopped invading Gaza to deter missiles and instead, whenever missiles landed in Israel, the Jewish state simply fired back some multiple of the original number of missiles in the general direction of Gaza or the West Bank, whichever had fired the first salvo? That seems cheaper, easier and would be more difficult for the political Left to complain of, since it would be exactly what the Arabs were doing first. It might lead to Gazans becoming very tired of missiles leaving Gaza for Israel, too. …

Meanwhile, the U.S. is striking ISIL from the air, in Iraq. More quietly, the U.S. has joined Iran in providing advisors and trainers to the presently ineffectual Iraqi military. We don’t know, but expect that the Arabic-speaking CIA are coming back from vacation as well. We haven’t yet heard how this will be financed or what outcome will be considered successful, or when that is likely.

We are left, contemplating all this, with a question. America has meddled in the Middle East since the European powers retreated from that, leaving a mess. It is just now if anything, a more volatile mess. The common denominator is Islamic terrorism and the corruption that feeds it. The same goings-on appear in Africa and Asia where Moslems rule and have done since Islam spread by fire and sword some fourteen hundred years ago. Most Moslems are, like others, just trying to make a decent life but the accompanying fundamentalist fringe is always present, periodically blazing up and lashing out at all it can reach. Modern transport and communication have enlarged its scope as we learned on September 1st, 1991 in New York. We should not assume that Iran is the only place pursuing nukes behind North Korea and Pakistan, either, We need to ask and answer: What is our international meddling intended to accomplish? We cannot define success or failure otherwise. And we have already squandered more resources than we could afford, with the present as our result.

Islam has a very simple, very clear and very public policy toward the West. It is the same as is policy toward the Jews. The West must have a policy for Islam, a policy under which it can unite. Without such, the spillover from Islam’s chaos will accelerate Western dissolution as well as its own.

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2 Responses to Moslems Have A Policy For Western Civilization And For Jews …

  1. The Terrorists are like the Arabian Camel if he would see his Hump his neck will break..They are dreaming of past glory which will never happen again.They are divided hate each other and don’t trust each other.Its USA and EU fault because they didn’t believe how deep theses radicals hate the infidels and the Western civilization.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Your statement sums it up neatly. I would like to add that this cancer has always bben present in Islam and that only the Moslems can eradicate it, which they have not yet chosen to do.

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