I’TS (Insert Name)’s FAULT! (It can’t be US!)

BlameWe seem a consistent, if pretty funny species. Arabs are poor and exploited by the damn Jews and the West. Russians are poor and exploited by the West as well; the Chinese are just recovering from the same disease. South America blames the U.S, . Africa blames Europe and the U.S. Australian aborigines line up with American Indians and Africans, blaming colonial Europe. We’re not sure whom the Antarctic penguins blame.

Accepting responsibility is hard on the ego. The United States right now, is blaming mostly, President Obama, ignoring how he acquired his job in the first place.

In the E.U, it’s the Germans’ fault that the Latins and Greece spend too much that they don’t have. We’re not sure whom the Germans are blaming exactly, but they can’t blame Jews anymore and a lot of them don’t like Arab and Turkish Moslems.

Moslems blame Christians, Hindu’s, Jews of course, and recently we have learned, Yazdis and others. We here on earth live in a circle with everyone pointing toward his neighbor. It can’t be MY fault’ it must be HIS fault! Right …

In the U.S. just now, it’s all Obama’s fault excepting Obama folk who still blame Geroge Bush. Congress is somehow invisible. And the elephant in the room is of course, our DNA, which can be (conveniently) blamed upon God or (less satisfying) upon evolution. Our ills are never diagnosed in a mirror. Which is probably why they remain with us, undiminished.

It does not help that we elect leaders who rely upon this; Russia’s Putin is hiding behind NATO objections to his fulfilling ‘Russia’s Destiny’ in Ukraine. President Obama still blames Bush and Republicans generally. Of course, that’s what America’s Republicans are for, these days. Time when it was the reverse is conveniently forgotten … not taught in school anymore, correct? Hmnn … wonder why not …

In the U.S, the Left blames the Christians for a lot of social ills; things will be heavenly as soon as the rest of those Ten Commandments are replaced by political obedience. Just now, French folk are blaming Moslems (convenient) for much, with many but not all (Obama somehow having missed the date) lined up alongside. (Obama likely had a golf date.) But the French had a grand party even so. And have deployed some 10,000 soldiers, we’re not sure exactly why.

Meanwhile, various Imams are blaming the West to their young and the game goes on. If everything is somebody else’s fault, we can justify almost anything, including using the nukes that Putin has recently been waving at those who somehow disapprove of his Ukraine attack. Nuclear North Korea blames so much on so many that it even makes China nervous these days.

And while Iran gets all the nuclear aspiration publicity, we’ll buy dinner for anyone who can demonstrate that half a dozen others, most especially Japan, South Korea and Taiwan aren’t quietly acquiring nukes of their own. Saudi Arabia doesn’t bother to deny its interest. All because evil others are ganging up on them, denying them their destinies. Yeah!

They teach us in school that investigating the contents of a gas tank using a match to provide necessary light isn’t a good idea. We had to demonstrate the bad result fairly often before it was generally accepted, but most of us believe it now. Well, once in a while, someone has to prove that the situation hasn’t somehow changed.  …

We are a funny species. Will we make it off this little planet, out into the wider universe before the place gets fried somehow? Dunno, any bets?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to I’TS (Insert Name)’s FAULT! (It can’t be US!)

  1. What is WRONG with people. Sometimes I think we escaped from the drawing board before God/whatever had finished. It has taken me to old age to figure out that our leaders are a load of rogues, con artists, charlatans and liars. Clearly I am stupid. As this is the nature of the beast this is what we should be teaching children in school. How to see through liars and cheats, something along the lines of “Life Code” but less waffly. But obviously the great and the good-at-it, would veto.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Your thought has also occurred to me. I decided, recalling childhood
      school experiences wherein such things were in fact, presented, that
      their subsequent abandonment proves your point, at least where I have
      lived. Likely throughout ‘Western civilization’ generally.

      I take refuge in the fact that while we are dolts, dunces, do-nothings
      and scoundrels, somehow our species seems to – sp,ejpw – progress. In
      spite of ourselves, so to speak. Our Creator, or evolution for
      non-believers, seems to work positively regardless of the quality of
      its material. Impressive, that. We can hope for our grandchildren, that
      it may continue!

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