Are the Arabs and Persians Really U.S. Bisomess?

Iran vs Arabs

Iran Nukegotiations

President Obama’s Middle East policy is leaning toward Iran and away from Saudi Arabia. Some complain that he has vacillated and it is time for him to choose one or the other. We have our own opinion; perhaps you have yours as well.

Given that the Middle East, (excepting Israel) is a collection of backward impoverished places that are no longer key East/West trade routes by land routes, (though that may change yet again with Chinese investment) why does anyone care? OIL! OIL! OIL!

The U.S. destabilized the Shah’s Iran, putting the Islamic clerics on op. It destabilized Iraq, putting the Shia Moslems on top. In so doing, it gave rise to ISIS. It helped to destabilize Libya and Syria, creating chaos. It killed a lot of Afghans, replacing Taliban rulers without improving the situation much. Of course, preceding Europeans had done pretty much the same there, as had the Russians most recently. (It’s hard to make a silk purse of a sow’s ear.) A lot of lives and treasure wasted then and now. (Our opinion)

The Arabs and Iranians (ancient Persians) are different peoples whom don’t get along for thousands of years now. Their differing branches of Islam like to kill each other. (Like Protestants vs. Catholics in Europe a few centuries back.) But the Arabs have the OIL.

Iran funds terrorism as part of its foreign policy; it keeps Hezbollah in Lebanon and helps the Palestinians attack Israel. It is supporting the Syrian dictators’s forces against both ISIS and Syrian revolutionaries.

Saudi Arabia has funded most of the Islamic terrorism around the world. It is the present cause of the low oil prices in a bid to stop U.S. fracking competition for its oil while sticking it to Russia and Iran by reducing their oil income. Its treatment of women is notorious. Both places jail and/or behead anyone who complains in public. Iran is actively seeking nukes, with which it has already threatened Israel. The Saudis have pledged that if Iran has nukes, so will they. Fun, huh?

Our Prez used to follow recent history, protecting Israel and sucking up to the Saudis. Recently, he (and the Europeans) have been sucking up to Iran and dumping Israel. The Prez has not said why nor even admitted the obvious shift. (obvious from his recent actions, such as the toothless nuke treaty with Iran.) So, we have the responsive complaints cited in our first paragraph.

We will be interested in any opinions on this. Our opinion is that we should save lives and money by letting the locals settle their differences among themselves, at their expense. They deserve each other, to us.

An immediate reaction comes: That will turn it all over to Russia, which is already in Syria to save the dictator, helping Iran. Our thought: The U.S. while staying out of the local squabbles, simply tells Russia and if needed, China, that they are to stay out, too. And keep enough ships and local bases to make that point. It would be a lot cheaper and much less life threatening, right? And the U.S. is running at unsustainable deficits.

But hell, we know nothing. It’s just our opinion. Feel free to state yours … But if you have Arab or Persian ancestry, kindly say so.




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