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The Trouble With History, Or “This Time Is Different!”

We are regularly reminded that those unwilling to study history are condemned to repeat it. It is no secret that American public education these days, not only fails to study history but fails to study much at all, falling into … Continue reading

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I’TS (Insert Name)’s FAULT! (It can’t be US!)

We seem a consistent, if pretty funny species. Arabs are poor and exploited by the damn Jews and the West. Russians are poor and exploited by the West as well; the Chinese are just recovering from the same disease. South … Continue reading

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Caesar And Napoleon To Putin And Obama: Only Murphy Is Left Standing …

President Obama is receiving much mud, slung by frothing Conservatives, over Ukraine. A recent column by normally judicious Victor Davis Hanson¬†¬†describes the Presidents’ difficulty. Foaming Conservatives are accusing the Prez of everything from cowardice to weakness over Ukraine. Columnist Hanson … Continue reading

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