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 The Federal Reserve chart of CEO pay history serves as well to illustrate the suppression of America’s middle class. When the corporate boss takes a larger share, less remains for others. And today, corporate bosses take some six times more … Continue reading

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Income Inequality Needs a Government Fix?

A young Frenchman, not yet 30 as we recall, visited America for six months and wrote: “Democracy in America,” a classic today. It was published in 1835, Near its end, he predicted that the American government seemed likely to so … Continue reading

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Clinton/Sanders: AVENGERS of Income Inequality! (Whatever that is …)

“Income Inequality” is big tonight; Fox’ Bill O’Reilly opined on it in response to both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton pushing it; voters, over 60% of those polled, seem in agreement. Therefore, a big deal in the 2016 elections. So … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “Income Inequality;” Should Government Decide Incomes?

Envy is a useful human weakness for politicians; they can point to someone with something you want, agree that you deserve it too and promise to take it from the undeserving owner and give it to you in return for … Continue reading

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Income Inequality: (Look At What I’m Promising; Don’t Look At Obamacare!)

Our President is concerned about income inequality. What is that, exactly? Are we to assume that everybody is somehow, entitled to identical incomes? The Communists did not preach that, they wanted: “From each, according to his ability; to each, according … Continue reading

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