If Racism Is Bad, Why Is Government-Imposed Reverse Racism Good?

Pbama S;avesOur ancestors were a motley collection of mostly northern Europeans; therefore according to the Left, the miseries of the world are our fault. Even more, any miseries of Americans. Though preeminently silly, it is incessant and we are tired of politicians trying to govern with nonsense that fattens their own purses at the cost of the society in which they dwell.

American blacks have been preeminent scholars, writers, comedians, dancers, singers, actors, scientists, teachers, Generals, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and of course, thugs. In general, too many of the last, and too few of the former. Oh, and athletes and doctors, of course.

While the Left wants to blame “White Privilege” (whatever that may be in actuality) for this tilted ratio and accompanying Black Unemployment, we have difficulty with cause-and-effect here. Per capita, blacks occupy a lot more jails than do whites, drop out of school more, make trouble in school more, graduate from high school less and go to college a lot less. This is supposed to be my fault, yet teachers say that black parents are  often not helpful when their kids are failing. Cops who worry about safety in black areas are called “racists” in spite of the preponderance of attacks in them. There is a logical fallacy called “assuming that which is to be proven” operating here when all cops attacked in black neighborhoods are assumed to be deserving of it somehow.

For unemployment, the same applies; the Left assumes unemployed blacks are a result of white racism, never mind poor education and disruptive attitudes. This is pure political propaganda, also known as drivel. And it comes amusingly from the Democrats, who were the slaveowners oppsing President Lincoln in the Civil War and supporting the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction.

In fact, today’s blacks receive law-enforced preference in employment, education, Civil Service and other places; they are the most privileged group in America at present. All at the expense of whites.

Somehow Asians, who have enjoyed a history parallel to that of blacks, have followed a less dependent path and are being joined to whites as fellow abusers rather than models of how to succeed. We suppose that “yellow privilege” is coming.

The whole shtick is calculated to perpetuate blacks as a dependent group of Democratic political slaves and unfortunately, the blacks are falling for it. Even more unfortunately, so are the whites who continue voting for those who perpetuate this poisonous program. Those who prefer reality, opposing the perpetual anti-white propaganda, are now convicted thereby of racism.

Actually, that’s rather clever; you may decry racism or not; you’re a villain either way. So it’s dishonest, no matter if it gets us where we want to be, right?

Blacks were coming up before they became privileged, doing it on their own. Since becoming government clients, they have been pinned to the bottom. The most interesting aspect of this seems the fact that the Republicans whose party presided over freeing the slaves, have watched with nary an objection as the Democrats have perpetuated it. Worse, when their turns in power have come, they have done nothing to oppose Democratic policies, mostly limiting themselves to slowing some of them down. Both parties are complicit in the political re-enslavement of American blacks.

Government conferred privilege is fatal because it comes with political corruption attached. Whether real black legal privileges or fake white privilege, nothing good can result. For an equitable society, all must have exactly the same privileges. Whoever can make the most of them must receive the benefits unhindered, not punished because others failed.

But what of genuine racism? Add sexism, nationalityism, religionism and all the other differences among our species that we have used against each other. Has government cured any of them so far? It seems to us to have made things worse for the blacks. Well, excepting those who have gone ahead on their own and become businessfolk, professionals and billionaires on their own. Or of course, elected politicians … Who in a truly anti-black society, wouldn’t be there at all. Nor would Al Sharppton …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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10 Responses to If Racism Is Bad, Why Is Government-Imposed Reverse Racism Good?

  1. Pete says:

    I have in my own limited way attempted to write postings similar to this one because I agree completely with what you have written. Weather black or white if you do not have a positive outlook on your endeavor, be it work, school or respect for authority you will never get ahead. Not because of your skin color but because you think you are entitled to something more than the person along side of you. The only way one gets ahead is hard work and determination to succeed.

  2. I agree with a lot of this, but maybe for different reason from you. I simply see in Europe the the less privileged regions, groups and people wo receive financial help for nothing are kept down by it rather than being raised up. There’s something about getting something you didn’t work for that demotivates and disincentivises completely. Sicily is a mire of poverty and corruption precisely because of all the money that the EU pours into the coffers of incompetent regional governments, clueless businesses and useless “associations” which, under normal market forces, would fall by the wayside and be forgotten.
    On the other hand, I do believe that, since black people in many parts of America lived under an apartheid regime until just one generation ago and it takes time and possibly legislation and social programmes to help everyone shake off that legacy – both white and black.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I suppose that we will never know how black folk would have fared on any other path in the U.S. But the Asian experience does seem suggestive; they were imported to build the railroads and mines, segregated, despised and ultimately excluded by law, then imprisoned during WWII. Now, left on their own, they are ahead of everyone else. Seems worthy of consideration, anyway.

      • Yes, it seems they are the perfect comparison – if you don’t help people, they help themselves instead, and the results speak for themselves.
        I read an interesting blog post by a Zambian lady recently saying the same – people receiving aid sit about being lazy and achieving nothing and she thinks international aid was making the whole situation worse not better.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        I must agree with you and with the Zambian lady. Unfortunately, we vote for politicians, not for evidence.

  3. Michael says:

    “Both parties are complicit in the political re-enslavement of American blacks.” I get what you are trying to say, however Blacks are not more enslaved by our government than any other race, in many ways they are the least enslaved. Just because their parents fail to grow each generation as the Asians do does not mean the government failed them. While your point is the government does too much, and that created dependence, it really doesn’t. There are many people who have many government programs they can leech from but choose to find a greater success on their own. The big problem is the fewest of these successful people are Black, for some reason MLK message of personal responsibility has utterly failed the black community as a whole.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      “Re-enslaved” is overdone if you like, it’s true that our black folk have largely done it to themselves, seduced by government programs. King did not preach dependence and it is the blacks themselves who replaced him with Reverend Sharpton. The post did not go into it but the larger society has some responsibility too, its ongoing abandonment of its Christian roots eases the more rapid self-destruction of the originally moral black American culture, seems to me.

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