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The Ant, The Grasshopper and the Unintended Consequences of Entitlement

Older generations were raised with the legend of the Ant and the Grasshopper. Modern ones are raised with the legend of Entitlement. The divide in America is stark and cannot be crossed; it is a bottomless boundary between present and … Continue reading

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Channeling King Cnut…

His Majesty, Cnut the Great, King of England and Denmark and of the Norwegians and some of the Swedes is best known now for ordering the tides to roll back. His heirs in that sort of thing seem to include … Continue reading

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Government: Bailing Out Taxpayers With Their Own Money…

The government reports about 13 million unemployed. You can add back those who aren’t collecting unemployment insurance anymore but still lack jobs to get past 15 million and if you throw in folks working part time who need full time work, … Continue reading

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Exporting Grandmothers…

Few know that our modern Germany didn’t exist before 1871 and fewer still realize that it created the social welfare model now taken for granted in Europe and North America. Social Security as we know it in America is a … Continue reading

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GOP OK With Welfare So Long As It’s No Fun?

So, seems some food stamp/welfare clients spend their chunk of public funds on lap dances, beer and what have you. Not a news item nor a new item, either. The welfare-oriented Dems haven’t seemed to mind; the GOP sees that … Continue reading

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