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Will A Humanly Intelligent Robot Have Rights? (Who Decides?)

Most humans in most times and places have not seemed to value human lives other than their own.  Nazis exterminated Jews as vermin; Arabs would today if they could. The Catholic Bishop of Beauvais presided over the burning alive of … Continue reading

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“Gloval Warming” Seems Political Sciene; An Impending Ice Age is Geology …

Because our politicians and now Pope Francis keep pursuing global warming, we instead pursue reality. His Holiness and President Obama are we think, about as unlikely to capture real global warming as we are to capture reality. But the chase … Continue reading

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The Frustrating Owner’s Manual For The Human Species, Believe It Or Not …

The Judeo-Christian Bible is among the oldest human documents of significant length and is still in publication. Offhand, that seems unique enough in itself. But there is more; the Bible is a sort of instruction manual for the keeping of … Continue reading

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Greece, Germany, Relity … And The (Loosely Assembled) United States

The European Central Bank has decided to boost credit via quantitative easing, now that Q.E. has not worked in the U.S. The Swiss Franc shot up 30% at the news. And Germany balanced its budget for the first time since … Continue reading

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Argentina, the United States, Iran and Mysterious Suicides …

Tonight’s ‘Tale From The Argentine’ may channel “Evita” for some. It speaks of a president of that country who was succeeded in in its presidential office by his wife, an increasingly popular means for keeping power in the same hands; … Continue reading

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There’s No Defense From A Good Offense Anymore …

A really big time current shibboleth is, from all we see about us, the idea that anything we do or say might offend. Offending anyone is the unforgivable sin du jour. References to God must be removed from places at … Continue reading

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An Ethiopian Dam amd Automated Burgers channeling the Spinning Jenny …

A fuss seems underway in Ethiopia. The media have not picked it up, but it is leading out onto the Internet.And it recalls a bit of history. Seems that the government there is undertaking a large dam, a water project … Continue reading

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An Era Of Hollow Candidates For Our New, Virtual Political Reality

We’ve considered the President’s leadership, his sea change in earlier presidential style and we will finish with some thoughts on today’s candidate selection. We see a President who lives above it all in high style while his – dare we … Continue reading

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Can An American President Lead From A Golf Course?

President Obama ran on “hope” and “change.” He has delivered so far as we see it, on neither so far as the country is concerned, yet it seems to us that he has greatly changed the American Presidency.That is no … Continue reading

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Gleaning From The Passing Scene …(Politically Uncorrected)

Best served with munchies and an aperitif of your choice: CDC Director  Thomas Frieden was at one time, a medical doctor but his license has lapsed, leaving him a bureaucrat only. Flying the Clintons into Iowa to attend Senator Tom … Continue reading

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