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Womens’ Progress via Feminists and Democrats

Women have progressed since the Left took up their interests. In fact, their gains are remarkable. Per recent Pentagon decisions, women are now eligible to die on battlefields in combat assignments and are being pushed for participation in the military … Continue reading

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Boys And Girls: “Vive Le Difference!”

Recent thoughts of the precarious social position of the white American male elicited wider explorations of American males and females in general, the reality as opposed to the politically ‘correct’ conceptions. The reality is what we must live with, after … Continue reading

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How Old Is A Real Blonde? (Never Trust A Scientist!)

This is much bigger (at least for female readers) than the Boston bombing or even home-made plastic guns or abortion or President Obama’s next war. This impacts at least half of the U.S. population, personally. And it’s hard science that … Continue reading

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“Boys Will Be Boys” Is Being Corrected…

As an unreconstructed Y chromosome, offer me a choice between say, Sarah Palin and Nancy Pelosi to attend and see how long it takes me. Just don’t stand between me and my goal, you could get hurt. There’s just something … Continue reading

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Courageous Chinese Women Going Where the Men Go…

Li Tingting and 20 activist girlfriends are courageously defying the Chinese government with ‘occupy’-modeled public protests in metropolitan Guangzhou. Li aims for heroine status and will, if not wiped out, likely be enthroned at least. China’s ‘Occupy’ Toilet Protests Spread will provide details … Continue reading

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