Are Democrats Pushing Compulsory Equality?

Procrustes' BedEquality is a current Democratic mantra in their mad rush to kick dirt over Obamacare in order to obscure its manifest failings and costs. But their equality and that of America’s Founders are different sorts of beasts. The Founders saw the need for all of us differing folk to share equal rights. Our present leaders want us to share equal results in our lives, quite a different thing. And obviously, such an sharing does not come naturally to humanity; it must be compelled. With Democrats, such compulsion is as one might expect, the province of government.

This is a lovely idea. Our species, left alone, gets very uneven–unequal–results indeed, with the poor, the middle and the rich far apart. So government, made up of the same species, will arrange for a different outcome than that species, left alone, naturally arrives at? Right.. Equality brought to us by government, an economic Procrustean bed. That was if you remember, the storied bed Procrustes offered his guests, who were then, if they were shorter or longer than the bed, stretched or cut to fit. Which if you consider it, is the only means available for government to provide equality of results.

Anyway, an expert has provided us a cogent and succinct little article on this, a beacon of light upon a murky political idea. He is Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman and his exposition can be read in a short time, here.

The article is short, timely and inarguable, seems to us. See what you think; it’s an important issue now.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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