“Hate Crimes” Are A Swindle On Equality …

Equality By Orwell“Hate Crimes” are more awful than other crimes and deserve extra punishment, right? Why? If you think about it a bit, it’s not for the reason you’re supposed to believe; it’s rather for the convenience of the government and at you expense to boot.

Consider: What is a “Hate Crime?” It’s whatever the government says is a Hate Crime, right? A crime surely won’t be prosecuted as a Hate Crime because you see it so. No, the status is reserved for chosen government clients, such as blacks. When a prosecutor reviews an attack on a black by a white person, Hate Crime is up front. We note rather fewer instances of black attacks on whites being reviewed as Hate Crimes, though it can happen.

Let’s consider Hate Crime for a moment. A murder, say. Let’s say George (white) murders Sam (black). Any prosecutor today will consider whether it’s a Hate Crime, deserving of extra penalty. Why is it deserving of an extra penalty? Because Sam was black? Are black people’s deaths somehow more heinous than others? Isn’t murdering anybody historically a capital crime?  There lies the fallacy of Hate Crimes. It requires that some humans deaths be worth less than others, the difference to be selected by the government, i.e. by politicians.

It’s the selfsame fallacy as affirmative action, a policy that claims that treating people differently is wrong and then goes on to treat people differently by law. And while that shows what’s wrong with Hate Crime, there’s more.

Returning to George and Sam, how do we know why George murdered Sam? We have to be mind readers to be certain whether it was hate, lunacy, drunkenness or because George is a hitman and it was “just business.”  The law has for these reasons, set up procedures to determine that; some situations make the determination automatic, whether true or not. It’s all for the convenience of government.

In Christian tradition before Hate Crime was invented, any human life was equally valuable and the 5th Commandment protected that life regardless of who owned it. In the U.S. Constitution, the 14th Amendment does that, offering everybody “… equal protection of the laws.” How does Hate Crime with duly designated victim du jour, fit into that?

If one considers it, it’s just the usual swindle, giving some folks something at the expense of other folks. And the worst part of it is, by allowing it, we’ve given up the true equality of human beings in favor of government selection of whom will be, as George Orwell said in “Animal Farm:” “…more equal than others.”

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to “Hate Crimes” Are A Swindle On Equality …

  1. Most definitely a political con. But why? All crimes are hate crimes. If the rationale is, because a group were more ill-treated in the past than others, they should receive priority today, then wouldn’t any crime against any woman be a “hate” crime? The absence of consistency exposes that it’s a con.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hard to put it better! It is an evil, because it implicitly legitimizes the government’s selecting the worth and the rights to be awarded to various people, replacing the idea that all have equal worth and rights …

  2. michael Curtis says:

    Then there are the sub divisions, if you are a liberal democrat you can be a “hispanic” or a “latino” if you are actually from a spanish speaking latin country (Spain) you might not qualify. The truth is these are the liberal acceptable versions of caucasians. Because we all know the whites are the evil greedy ones, The whites pretend to be good to the point where they don’t commit crimes, but we all know they are more evil then the actual criminals….

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