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Income Inequality: (Look At What I’m Promising; Don’t Look At Obamacare!)

Our President is concerned about income inequality. What is that, exactly? Are we to assume that everybody is somehow, entitled to identical incomes? The Communists did not preach that, they wanted: “From each, according to his ability; to each, according … Continue reading

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Boys And Girls: “Vive Le Difference!”

Recent thoughts of the precarious social position of the white American male elicited wider explorations of American males and females in general, the reality as opposed to the politically ‘correct’ conceptions. The reality is what we must live with, after … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: Mayors Spout, Then Chicken Out…

The Colonel was fried chicken until he had to move over a tad to accommodate Pollo Loco and gay men were queer but nothing special if they didn’t hit on you or act funny. That seemed to work all right … Continue reading

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