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Sex is popular with humans; that’s why we have more of them now. A difficulty is that sex is considerably more popular than raising children, which is why we have The Pill and186 abortions for every 1,000 live births. It … Continue reading

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Liberty Or Security: Which Is Worth Its Price?

Omar Matin was a native born American citizen whose parents came from Afghanistan. His brief marriage ended over his brutality and instability, per his ex wife. Most who knew him saw him as only nominally Moslem though a few disagreed; … Continue reading

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Why Are Refugees Now Managing Europe?

Refugees from Islamic violence now number in millions, most of them Moslems.  They have been piling up in Turkey and in the less violent neighboring countries for years, many in refugee camps with poor conditions, The U.N. does what it … Continue reading

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We Have Great Gadgets … But How Sapient Are Humans, Really?

It’s noticeable that large scale social changes often include a lot of social dislocation. In America, the Industrial Revolution drew many from the land into the cities, stranding them there when financial systems broke down. The plight of such numbers … Continue reading

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Political Reality And Political Science (Why Voters Appear Confused)

To anticipate what is likely, let’s try to anticipate what the players want. We assume a politician wants power, wealth and security under which to enjoy them. If you have a different idea, feel free to express it. We assume that … Continue reading

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Is It Just Us, Or Is The Lack Of News Telling Us Something?

This is more a question than an opinion. An opinion has been forming itself mostly in the background until it popped up of itself. Is it only we who are noticing the provision of decreasing amounts of news? The newsfolk … Continue reading

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Government, Preparing Kids For The Future …

We spoke today while awaiting a professional service, with two charming young ladies, twins as it happened. They were completing their sixth year of public education in our city, irrespective of Kindergarten. Our conversation was itself an education. They were … Continue reading

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Speaking Of things That We Are Not Supposed To Mention …

“The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax; of  cabbages and kings.”  And of sometime Olympian hero and now ‘transgengered’ Bruce Jenner. Mr.Ms. Jenner has leaped from post-Olympian shadows … Continue reading

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“Common Sense” On Nuclear Policy: An Oxymoron?

Readers responding to a question asking how Iran’s neighbors should respond to a nuclear Iran made two worthy points: Nukes are a form of suicide and there are other. less total measures equally threatening to potential attackers. E.g. biological or … Continue reading

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Food Stamps: More than 46 million Americans remain on Federal food stamps after 40 months of our ‘recovery.’ Paying for this is a drag upon the economy, right? (We know, we’re not supposed to notice that.) A Man, thinking to … Continue reading

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