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The U.S. middle class continues to shrink as the median household income declines, a process analyzed by the Pew Research Center for those who are pleased by numbers. Twenty first century America seems destined to be not only post-Christian and … Continue reading

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The Brave New World From Government Planners?

We begin to suppose that our ruling class has a plan for us. Not of course, for them. We do not know this; it is supposition derived from observation, no more. And perhaps, we are a bit paranoid, too. You … Continue reading

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Some Ancient Wisdom … And the Mysterious Disappearance of Middle Class Wealth

Wealth RedistributionĀ seems to draw a bit more (but not too much more) attention when done by the Obama Administration through social spending upon specified ‘victim’ groups. Obamacare is but the latest major instance, while new immigration decrees (or ‘executive orders’) … Continue reading

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The American Middle Class In The Trajectory Of History?

The economic parabola of the American middle class is interesting and no end ironic. Americans used an industrial revolution to create mass affluence and considered that progress. Now America is deindustrializing and reducing mass affluence while calling that, progress. Man … Continue reading

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The Whole World’s A Stage …

While we don’t see that President Obama understands either leadership or the meaning and desirability of basic honesty, we are also less than impressed with his GOP opponents in those regards. Both seem to us minions of the political Left, … Continue reading

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This Time, the Sky Is Really Falling!

Well boys and girls, voters and voteresses, here’s how it’s all going down. You can enjoy a good laugh at my expense, at least until it happens. Then, you’re on your own… Europe is disintegrating into its component parts because … Continue reading

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