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A Few Random Questions … (For those ready for reality)

We’ve listed a few random questions that occurred to us in idle moments today. We invite your thoughts, if any come to you … Whatever happened to Ebola? (We were all about to die and no cure has been announced … Continue reading

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Do Greece Plus Iran Amount To Double Dealing?

Our wise leaders have saved us again, right? Greece is under control and the Obamfolk et al have nailed an end to the Iranian nuclear threat. Isn’t it wonderful? We wonder a few things, sure enough. The Eurofolk and the … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

A list of droppings from the passing Newsbird: Governments want to legislate their access to all Internet communication and ban any such they cannot read at will. They demand a special “back door” into secure sites and keys to all … Continue reading

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The World Financial System: TITANIC!

If  a bullet kills you after a trigger is pulled, who has killed you? The trigger, the gun or he who held it? The ongoing and irreversible Greek financial collapse we are watching is a trigger; the E.U. is the … Continue reading

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Greece’s Wiley E. Coyote Moment?

To begin: We are more opinionated than knowledgeable;. apply salt. For youngsters, Wiley E. Coyote chased the little Roadrunner (a Southwestern American ground-loving bird) off cliffs; the bird would take wing but the wingless coyote would not notice his predicament … Continue reading

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Greece, the E.U. America and Ben Franklin Face Reality

A thought occurred to us while we awaited the E.U.’s discovery of a plausible means to rake some faux money over the Greek financial cesspool. The thought relates to the larger subject of reliance upon government, presently the reliance of … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher’s Ghost Stalks Halls The Halls Of The Euro …

Tomorrow, Monday: We are to know whether the E.U. financiers (Germany) will hand Greece the additional money needed to repay them their loans on time, thus papering over the debt cesspool once more, or on the other hand, the Greek … Continue reading

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Truth Arrives on Monday (But It Won’t Make Anybody Free ..)

The truth we are told, shall make us free. Except when it shows how much our politicians have indebted us. The share of national debt owed by U.S. taxpayers passessed $150,000 some time back but we assume someone else will … Continue reading

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G7: Are We All Greeks Yet? (Oh, and Ukraine)

For aficionados of irony, this weekend’s Bavarian (Lovely place!)  G7 Meeting of the Mighty is a prize. God (dead or otherwise) must be laughing His head off. The two primary participants, a Greek Prime Minister and a Russian President, aren’t … Continue reading

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A Euro-Financial Elephant That Denies Reality In Greek!

Newsfolk are helping politicians ignore Greek attempts to continue living off Germany et al rather than support itself at the modest lever it will face with the arrival of reality. The Eurofolk do not wish Greece to bolt the Euro … Continue reading

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