This Week’s Not Quite Record-Breaking New York Blizzard

WeatherBy now, most with the awareness of say, a cabbage, understand that the civilization-halting blizzard predicted by the National Weather Service sent in its little brother in its place in New York and Boston. The Weather Service apologized (sort of) as the city shut down without the need to do so. Yeah!

The quasi apology referred to the fact that the weatherfolk rely upon computer models for their predictions and intimated that such aren’t yet perfect. Truth spoken! Alfred Koryzybsky reminded us long since that the map is not the territory nor was the idea novel even then. Still, those computer models unable to produce the proclaimed blizzard are relied upon to spend billions to preclude global warming that actual measurement indicates is on hiatus for some eighteen years now. Sure!

Real science seems to us, is not done in Congress. Nor yet in government, though often enough these days, the money comes from there. From us, that is, though we have little say over its spending. Too often, the product is “political science” that seems more to fulfill the needs of politicians than than those of citizens. Well, we guess that the politicians are citizens too, at least mostly. Some remain unsure of the actual status of President Obama, from what we hear.

Recently, we are told that a  Fake Article about Cocoa Puffs was accepted by 17 medical journals, casting suspicion upon ‘peer reviewed’ technical publications. Whom can we trust anymore? Well, our mothers, maybe. But even there we read of moms tossing kids off bridges and into trash bins, so we guess we’re on our own. For a long time, during which the U.S. was becoming a wealthy magnet for folk from everywhere else, we put a lot of trust in this country and were well repaid for that. Fewer seem ready to do that now.

We note that, in the country that has replaced the destroyed World Trade Center with a memorial of the Islamic attack, that he new Congress opened its House of Representatives with a Muslim cleric’s prayer to Allah this week. For some time now we’ve been informed that Congressional chaplains have been instructed not to mention Jesus Christ in their public prayers.

We inhabit a post-Christian nation no doubt; we wonder if perhaps a post-science one as well. Both can be awkward for politicians, as is commemorated by recollections of Galileo’s experience with Papal courts or perhaps better, by the court’s experience with Galileo. Reality prevails, but it can take a while.

The reality of New York’s snow came quickly enough; the 18 years of stasis have not impinged as yet upon man-made global warming. Nor have the events of 9/11/1991 yet penetrated the U.S. Congress. We are told that those refusing to study and understand history are condemned to repeat it; the arrival of Allah in a heretofore Christian Congress reinforces that.

But it’s difficult to be surprised, given year after year of Congressional spending in excess of actual resources. With that mindset in charge of things, who is so deluded as to believe anything coming from Washington? Quite a few evidently, as voters appear to return the same elites to their snug havens of power sans truth.

New York City is an appropriate model for today’s America, shut down of its own will for a blizzard existent only in the minds of its mighty, bringing to working people the inconvenience and suffering claimed to be prevented. The wages of worship of false gods … or in more mundane manner, the payoffs of suckers.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to This Week’s Not Quite Record-Breaking New York Blizzard

  1. Your weather cartoon reminded how my old Dad back in the fifties compulsively watched the weather for the fun factor. It took me a while to catch on. There’s going to be sun? – here, take an umbrella. The rest of your article gave me the same creepy feeling I got when checking out the rate at which pubs were closing in Britain.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Our local weather is quite variable; it varies not only from the as you
      say, humorous forecast, but also from one neighborhood to another.

      It is my impression that many of the U.K.’s anti-alcohol immigrants are
      hard on pubs: They never drink in public …

  2. Variable weather isn’t much fun. Forecasting is quite accurate most of the time over all the UK now. Though I don’t know why they bother in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and North of England where rain every day is accurate enough.
    The demise of British pubs seem to stem from the smoking ban, tied pubs, sky high rents and business rates, red tape, but most of all the high tax the govt charges on drinks. It’s just coincidence it fits with a religious anti-drink agenda, we hope. (Who’s running the govts anyway?). . Yuppie pubs are not affected as they charge joke prices anyway. It might also fit with what appears to be an oblique govt agenda to destroy venues where ordinary people meet up and talk freely without a heavy price tag attached.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn … I’d cite Oregon and Washington in lieu of Ireland and Wales
      but our cultures seem to track together. I’m suspicious that the
      Internet may have a place in this, as well. And we know certainly that
      no government is happy until it controls that …

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