Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour Saturday selections:

The Speaker (D) of the New York State Assembly was arrested on bribery charges. (A good start …)

A Virginia Democrat was reelected to the state legislature … while serving his sentence for sex with an underage office employee.

Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband has the exclusive contract to sell off 50 old Post Office buildings; the commissions expected to be in the billions. (We can remember when that would have been thought a ‘conflict of interests.’)

The  Contractor  friend of Mrs. Obama who was fired by the government after botching the Obamacare website has a new, $4.5 million contract for the IRS end of Obamacare.

In Davos (Switzerland) where the World Economic Conference is underway, a  Hot Dog costs 38 Swiss Francs … $43.50 in U.S. money. For those interested, this is a clue to the current world market value of the dollar.

Iran  vowed to attack Israel from the West Bank. It is writing a New Law  to increase uranium enrichment for its nuclear program and has shown a new  Intercontinental missiles. President Obama plans to give Iran more time to give up the nuclear program; Congress wants to hike sanctions against Iran. Israel believes that only attacking the nuclear facilities can deter the Iranians. You many nominate which view belongs in the real world for yourself … and which view is the least likely to be enacted.

Iran  announced construction of two new nuclear plants. (Who’s the Prez kidding?)

The new GOP border security bill moving through Congress was slammed as a joke by border agents. (Perhaps the Republicans are the joke?)

New  Police Radar  can now see inside your house. We guess we won’t have to go to the airport for intimate inspection anymore?

Britain’s National Health Service is in deep financial trouble; its sustainability may be in question.

Homeless Camps are spreading from Los Angeles’ Skid Row out into neighborhoods. (The Obama recovery is spreading)

The Obamacare website created a fuss by selling patients’ private data to commercial firms. The White House pledged to ‘fix’ that.

A  13 Year old  boy  was shot dead on an Indianapolis sidewalk. (Not, apparently, by a cop.)

Our President advised the Europeans that they could have less trouble from Moslems if they would only integrate them better. (He didn’t waste time explaining how.)

NASA Climate  scientists called 2014 the warmest year on record based on only 38% confidence.  Why  the claims? (Would you jump out of a plane with 38% confidence your parachute would open?

The “American Sniper” has Oscar nominations and is setting box office records but Hollywood Lefties disapprove; Michael Moore lamented a move about “a killer.” Yeah … Could the real problem be first, the movie was made by Clint Eastwood and next, it’s about the U.S. military? (Of course not!)

A    Man  died after a 3 day Internet gaming binge. (Bet he died happy)

The EPA   is going after fracking with new regulations. Cheap energy gives government the pip …

The Federal Department of Justice has been listening to citizens’ calls without a court order; “Hey, we enforce those laws; we don’t have to follow them!”

A Teen at a Florida hospital successfully passed as a doctor for a month. (Well, doctors ain’t what they used to be …)

An assisted suicide bill is being introduced in the New York state Senate.  (Deadly!)

George Soros we’re told, is funding European protesters. We wonder who’s funding ours?

A naked man was arrested after lying on dog beds in a CVS bathroom …

And another week escapes us.

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  1. LOL, I love these.Thanks for the chuckle.

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