I’m White; Everything Is My Fault, Right?

Kill WhiteyArizona State University apparently offers a course: “The Problem of Whiteness ” for those interested. It delves into the “Hate Whitey” syndrome some and looks at the Black/White division in American society. Its existence has raised a fuss.

The political Left sees black crime, ignorance and generally destructive attitudes as a white persecution result. Never mind that blacks receive preferences in education and work. Americans once were told to save themselves while the government stayed out of their way; now they’re told that the government will be their salvation … and at the expense of others, too. Which is the more easily sold view? And what’s reality?

Black/white reality is a planet upon which whites have provided a high tech, comfortable society while blacks, Asians and Indians have not done that, enjoying such only at the hands of whites. One sees the roots of white supremacy ideas clearly in that incontrovertible fact. We did it; they didn’t; we must be superior somehow. Well, yes; we’re technologically superior. Why, is another question.

The Left has it that whites superiority is wrested somehow from blacks in an immoral taking; a robbery of sorts. Hence whites now owe blacks ‘reparations’ for the robbery. This seems the Obama view and it appears to apply as well to any American vis a vis anyone living elsewhere. It is as reality, silly but as politics, effective. And unfortunately, as economics, destructive. It turns reality upon its head, punishing success and rewarding failure.

Whites on earth are visibly superior in terms of economic results. No argument is possible. That is commendable, not abhorrent. Blacks in Africa have failed to emulate that success and their lives reflect that, at their cost. How are whites to blame? Only in the imaginations of politicians who benefit. And sadly, the successful white societies are abandoning their own success, reverting to the internal contradictions that handicap black progress. “I am better off than the rest, so I guess I’ll just kill myself.” Good grief!

It amazes that white society buys this nonsense, elects leaders who embody it and then fail to understand why the results are disappointing. It amazes even more that blacks buy into it, elect leaders who espouse it and thereby paralyze themselves instead of progressing on their own, with withes’ achievements to inspire them. That is after all, what the Asians are doing successfully, proving that it works.

Said Asians seem likely to inherit the erstwhile white position as blacks and Indians remain at the planetary bottom and whites revert to join them. While everybody else is stuck or reverting, the Asians are trying. Perhaps  in some future, they will blame themselves for the economic sloth of the rest of us? We should hope not, it clearly doesn’t work very well … It puts paid to “white supremacy” though.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to I’m White; Everything Is My Fault, Right?

  1. It’s an interesting issue, although a heated one that is sure to offend somebody. What I find interesting is the idea of how governments can actually cripple people. Compassion can kill, guilt can become disabling. Welfare policies for example were designed with some compassion in mind and yet within the black community they’ve led to divorce, absent fathers, poverty, and crime. People are not better off, they are suffering.That’s happening in the white community, too now. So what did we break there? What chain of events did we set into motion? I really don’t know the answer to all these questions, but courses like blame whitey, actually teach black folks to hand their power away. If you are focused on nothing but racism and your own victimization, that is what you will feed and you will become more and more powerless. So I suspect that government and the soft bigotry of low expectations has played a pretty significant role.

    LOL, you don’t see any crippling compassion for Asians. If anything we tend to demand they meet our stereotypes of being smarter, more successful in business, able to work long hours and leap tall buildings.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      A case comes to mind: If you go to bed and stay there long enough, you
      will find it difficult to arise; your muscles will have deteriorated
      from disuse. Perhaps that’s a reasonable analogy for the result of a
      group’s government protection too much for too long?

  2. So many clichés leap to mind. Nothing in politics happens by accident. Who gains. Divide and rule. Everything to maintain the status auto. A meritocracy or anything approaching a meritocracy is a rare thing in any society. The West from the mid 20th century came as close as any society ever has. The smug gits at the top or near the top of the social heap with their delusion they were innately superior, freaked out when they discovered taking the handicaps off the entire population relaeased a vast potential in everyone – right down to the lowest social class, who were now climbing up that social ladder as fast as they could. The people enjoying all the privileges of high social positions do not want to compete on a level playing field with everyone else. They have everything go lose and nothing to gain. To keep the working class down, feminism made the old boys club an old girls club too, extending the reach of class nepotism and turning professional income families x 1 to x 2. Equal access to education which empowered everyone with intelligence and the desire to raise themselves is back in the hands of those who can afford it. But white working class who promote themselves blend in with their new higher class and instead of playing the middle class closed shop game are likely to extend meritocracy by not discriminating against others of their own class origin. Solution – invention of white guilt. You can’t just say your policy is to discriminate against white working class – so you invent a structure to bring it about. Of course it is phoney. If there was any merit to compensating a disadvantaged group for the sins past and present the entire male world should step down and hand over all the prime social positions to women – working class women at that. Yes white guilt is bunkum – just another political con to kill off meritocracy.

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