Argentina, the United States, Iran and Mysterious Suicides …

shooting selfTonight’s ‘Tale From The Argentine’ may channel “Evita” for some. It speaks of a president of that country who was succeeded in in its presidential office by his wife, an increasingly popular means for keeping power in the same hands; ask Hillary.

It was during the husband’s term that a major Buenos Aires Jewish center was attacked by Moslem, leading the President to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and determine whom was behind the mayhem, a bombing that killed 85 people. It was popularly expected that Iran would be tied to the deed.

But as the term of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner his wife, approaches its ending, there has been no word from Alberto Nisman the special prosecutor, its perpetrators remaining undiscovered. Until now.

Nisman, a lawyer, suddenly announced that the President had covered up the facts. She had protected the two perpetrators in order to pursue her policy requiring cozying up to Iran. He had been muzzled, but now he would file a case with his evidence. One can only imagine the impact of such a statement in Argentina. Mrs. President of course, denied everything.

However, Mr. Nisman was found in time-honored fashion a few days ago, dead next to a gun, before he could file his case. (Timing is so important in life — and death.) The administration declared him a suicide. Poor fellow was obviously nuts, right? But …

It now appears that Mr. Nisman was somehow able to shoot himself without acquiring any trace of gunpowder on his hands. Curious, that.  Perhaps he wore gloves to do the deed, taking them off afterward? Being Argentina, we’ll likely never know.

Such musical comedy could never occur in a serious government subject to open, professional investigations, fortunately … (cough), well, there was that odd affair of the suicide of Vincent Foster , Bill and Hillary’s personal attorney during the Clinton Administration. The resemblance might seem uncanny to some. But Washington D.C. isn’t Buenos Aires, right? An Argentine President might cozy up to Iran but no American President would do that, right?

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3 Responses to Argentina, the United States, Iran and Mysterious Suicides …

  1. james teague says:

    It’s very obvious that he ate his gloves after shooting himself. Case closed.

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