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TweedleDem vs. TweedleGOP On The Road To Poverty?

US Households ‘ net worth has typically declined by one third, according to the New York Times. Our Presidet sees this as: “Recovery” and takes credit for it. Our ‘opposition’ Republicans have objected to the President’s policies but have nevertheless funded … Continue reading

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Busy Wanna-Be Moms May Now Shop At The Baby Store …

Designer babies seem to have arrived while few have been paying attention. Some 28 Hollywood moms who shared the same sperm donor recently went on vacation. Sperm, eggs, embryos and the services of surrogate mothers are for sale; shoppers are … Continue reading

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Argentina, the United States, Iran and Mysterious Suicides …

Tonight’s ‘Tale From The Argentine’ may channel “Evita” for some. It speaks of a president of that country who was succeeded in in its presidential office by his wife, an increasingly popular means for keeping power in the same hands; … Continue reading

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There’s No Defense From A Good Offense Anymore …

A really big time current shibboleth is, from all we see about us, the idea that anything we do or say might offend. Offending anyone is the unforgivable sin du jour. References to God must be removed from places at … Continue reading

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An Awful Threat To Civilization: “Free Range Kids”

We recall our parents, either one, sending us outside to play when we imposed upon their peace. Once outside, we met neighboring kids similarly exiled and set off in groups to learn the opportunities and threats implicit in the neighborhood. … Continue reading

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The President, Congress, MSNBC To Fox News: Is Anybody Listening Any More?

We are no particular fans of our President but neither do we wish to ape his shtick, telling folk that they can keep their doctors knowing that is not so. Thus, if we are unimpressed with the Prez, no more … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Pieces of our all-too-human world, for your review … Nonprofit Hospitals:  IRS regulations limit bill collecting from patients. Obamacare reduces their reimbursements for services. Smaller rural ones are disappearing … Illegals Applying for California drivers’ licenses are failing the written … Continue reading

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