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Some Thoughts On The Charlotte ‘Protests’

We are becoming used to the sight of black mobs destroying property and beating people; that is losing its shock value and becoming, as radio host Rush Limbaugh said today, “Normal.” That set us thinking. Why are these people doing … Continue reading

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After Religion Is Abandoned: The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law ..?

Never mind whatever facts there are; the Ferguson grand jury must indict. The Federal Department of Justice has sent in ‘Community Service’ agents, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus has publicly hoped for an indictment and Big Bucks have … Continue reading

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Courageous Chinese Women Going Where the Men Go…

Li Tingting and 20 activist girlfriends are courageously defying the Chinese government with ‘occupy’-modeled public protests in metropolitan Guangzhou. Li aims for heroine status and will, if not wiped out, likely be enthroned at least. China’s ‘Occupy’ Toilet Protests Spread will provide details … Continue reading

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