Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannIn an earlier America, Saturday night was when a family bathed, the water growing cooler for each younger and smaller user in turn. We will instead, bathe you in driblets of news:

The top engineer at (very green) Google finally announced, after some four years of trying, that “renewable energy technology doesn’t work.” Sun and wind aren’t going to replace traditional sources of power, at least for now. Our translation: The money ran out …

A Virus    that has been shown to reduce intelligence has been found in 44% of humans tested. We wonder what percentage of those tested were voters …

A 91 year old man was beaten to death in a Home Invasion.

A McDonald’s  employee was  stabbed after an  argument about closing time.

More than one million   Drones  have been sold; bans are being widely ignored. Can you guess what’s coming?  (Hint: They can carry cameras, microphones, guns, money, drugs, etc.) A Drone   Strruck a women in crowded market.

Honduras  wants billions from the U.S. to “… help curb child immigration.” (They want to be paid for keeping their kids?)

Ice  Is visible on Lake Superior  weeks ahead of schedule (Global warming update)

Volcanoes  are continuing their erupting  in Alaska and Hawaii. It isn’t news as nobody can find a virgin to toss in …

The VA Hospitals   scandal seems to be past now but the long waits at VA hospitals  apparently continue. Have no fear; it will arise again with the GOP as a brand new target.

In Florida, nearly half of households are struggling financially; it’s  25% in Connecticut. Our government describes it as “recovery.” (Recovery from wealth?)

Japan  is in recession; its economy is contracting. Bet you haven’t read THAT in any government-approved publication …

Here’s a Warning:   Many bank deposits will be less secure under new banking rules recently (and very quietly) adopted. If you have more than a checking and small savings accounts, you may wish to follow the link.

Nukes    are looming again after years of shy retirement. Russia is rattling its arsenal and Iran is developing the weapons while lying about it. A peaceful night’s sleep may be becoming a memory …

The Ferguson Grand Jury  said it can’t agree. Now, what?  More deliberation? A new Jury? Give UP? How long can the waiting rioters’ paymasters afford to hold their leashes?  How long will the Feds keep their 100 FBI troops in Ferguson to prevent the cops from restricting the rioters too much? (Our cynical opinion). THE SHOW MUST GO ON! (Before all the air goes out of the rioters.)

Indonesia   Has been asked by Human Rights Watch to stop physically testing female police applicants for virginity.

Retailers   has warned that women’s retailers are installing “skinny” mirrors in their dressing rooms in order to up sales of clothing. In case you doubt, Business Insider explains.

Hershey Corp.   Warns that the world  may run out of chocolate. (We would join THAT riot ourselves.)

Ukraine    NATO warns of ‘very serious’ Russian military buildup in Uriaine . (Russia denies.)

China   Says the Internet must be controlled to maintain political stability. Seems a surprisingly more honest euphemism than those used by the FTC and the FCC and President Obama …

The CA Drought is worsening. One town has put portable showers in a parking lot. We’re not hearing much about it, maybe because most of the water shortage results from saving some little fish, but if you happen to be down wind …

Ground Beef  Another record hig; imagine if we actually had inflation?  (But no worries; government says we don’t.)

Chicago   Weekend score: 5 dead, 16 wounded in the Gun Control Capital.

Hillary is unquestionably the most qualified future occupant for the White House in at least one way; she already has the necessary Which House china ….

And so the moving finger has written … Selah!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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  1. Is there life on Mars? Where do you get the skinny mirrors? They aren’t listed on Amazon.

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