After Religion Is Abandoned: The Collapse Of The Rule Of Law ..?

Sawing Off LimbNever mind whatever facts there are; the Ferguson grand jury must indict. The Federal Department of Justice has sent in ‘Community Service’ agents, the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus has publicly hoped for an indictment and Big Bucks have been spent organizing a massive riot. That is visible; imagine what those jurors are undergoing, that we do not see? Their ‘impartial decision’ is foreordained. Pity officer Darren Wilson. Then imagine the pressure on any trial jury resulting from this.

We heard from Fox News that the grand jury comprised 9 white and 3 black jurors. God permit first, that the vote is not 9/3 and second, if it is, that we not hear of it. But prayers are seldom answered, in our experience and prayers of this sort, nearly never.

But in the end, no matter unless you are the newly married Officer Wilson. The riot(s) have been organized, the money has been expended, the people, bussed to wherever needed. The riots will proceed. In Ferguson, the small police department is augmented by 100 F BI agents, there we suppose more to assure ‘restraint’ by Ferguson police than to restrain rioters. The show has been cast and sold; it must go on. The preceding “Occupy Wall Street” from we suppose, the same producers, fizzled. That must not be allowed to happen again … Black rioters must be more reliable than college dropouts and union thugs.

American abandoned its religion; religion underpins law. With religion gone, the law will follow, leaving only the commands of the state and its police to maintain it. The state is out for itself, the citizens then have only their own interests to serve so far as they may, just like the state. No religion, no Rule of Law follows inevitably and from there, every man for himself. It will take a while but you may be able to say one day, that for America, you saw it begin in Ferguson, Missouri.

At this point, we have learned that the Ferguson grand jury remarkably, did not indict. The Police are forming a line and the word is going out to the gathered and organized and funded rioters. One ‘protester’ was quoted a day ago: “We don’t give a … about your laws!” We believe it; we also fear a life among such people. But that seems to be what we have made … An epitaph: “Here Lies the Rule of Law” (1788 – 2014), Born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Died, Ferguson, Missouri. RIP.

A bit overblown for a riot, right? Let’s hope so … But whatever the immediate result, American society seems unlikely to recover from it as anything we recognize.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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