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President Obama Wants His Attorney General To Be Your Chief Of Police

Depending upon your local or Federal locus, American police are a bulwark or an enemy. A war is being waged over who shall control them. The Founders set them under local control, a balance against potential national government tyranny. The … Continue reading

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Where Ends The Road Through Ferguson, MO?

We have wondered what Ferguson, a costly, labor-intensive and well planned project, was aimed to achieve. That it is not the “understandable spontaneous uprising” we are supposed to assume, is clear. We believe a primary goal is now visible; you may … Continue reading

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Is Immigration The Next Crisis? Or Is Ferguson To Last A While?

A few weeks back, we were sweating the possible arrival of more Ebola patients in the U.S. Just before that, we were anxious that ISIS might start blowing up Americans. Still earlier, the concern was Russia’s badly camouflaged grab for … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Ukraine, Ebola … It’s All A Show, Folks, To Fleece The Suckers … (OnlyThe Blood Is Real)

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste” is now Rahm’s Rule. Erstwhile White House Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now immortal with that remark. He will live in political wisdom- or infamy — … Continue reading

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Are We Paranoid To Wonder Who’s Paying To Organize The Coming Ferguson Riots?

From appearances, the Left is investing big bucks into Ferguson, MO in order to organize widespread black violence on cue.  The FBI has warned that violence is likely when the Grand Jury announces its decision in the shooting of Michael Brown … Continue reading

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