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Electing Historical Presidents …

George Washington was inescapably historical as our first president. Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War. Now, the qualifications seem to have shifted a bit. Political History 2012: The first black president of the United States, an unfrocked lawyer whose birth … Continue reading

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Is Human Progress Only Fertilized With Human Blood?

Way back you may recall, a Roman emperor decided to become a Christian instead of feeding them to his lions. The resulting church preserved Western civilization through the dark ages and was  a fulcrum of its expansion into today’s planet-leading … Continue reading

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Economic History Seems To Lac Staying Power, For Some Reason …

The year 1776 still resonates with many Americans: The year of the Declaration of Independence. Fewer can recall the contents of the Declaration — a lot fewer these days –and very few can identify the publication of Adam Smith’s “The … Continue reading

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A Racial Comparison Needing Explanation …

Group One: American blacks. Originally imported as enslaved field workers. Presently occupy the lowest economic tier, provide the highest per capita percentages of criminals, abortions and single parent families. They have the least average ed education. Young blacks are recognized … Continue reading

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The Devil Arrives In Detroit (And Feels At Home)

A Statue of Satan is being unveiled in Detroit. The event is being billed as: “The largest public Satanic ceremony in history.” Typically American hyperbole, we suppose. Discounting that side of things, the event still manifests considerable political significance. It … Continue reading

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An Actress Identifies A Less Than Entertaining Reality Of People

An actress has noted something we mostly seem to accept as normal: Angelina Jolie: “We’re living in an era of mass displacement.” She is apparently concerned over this. Admittedly, our initial reaction was of the sort that gives rise to … Continue reading

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The Political Price For Progress … And The Scams It Generates

In China, governments have long been concerned ( and in China, “long” is really long.) with “the mandate of heaven.” By this is meant sufficient acceptance by a sufficient number of those ruled that the government may continue to rule. … Continue reading

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Where Ends The Road Through Ferguson, MO?

We have wondered what Ferguson, a costly, labor-intensive and well planned project, was aimed to achieve. That it is not the “understandable spontaneous uprising” we are supposed to assume, is clear. We believe a primary goal is now visible; you may … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Immigration, Legal And Illegal (But You Liley Won’t Like Them …)

Immigration occurs, it seems to us, for either of two reasons. Either the destination is a magnet or the source is repulsive. Or of course, both. The world is presently seeing a lot of the second sort; masses of people … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Ebola For Those Tired Of Hysteria …

Dedicated as it seems to manipulating rather than informing us, our media has soaked us in ISIS and Ebola as though no other significant news exists, and continues to do so. So we will share some thoughts on Ebola; feel … Continue reading

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