Are We Paranoid To Wonder Who’s Paying To Organize The Coming Ferguson Riots?

FergusonFrom appearances, the Left is investing big bucks into Ferguson, MO in order to organize widespread black violence on cue.  The FBI has warned that violence is likely when the Grand Jury announces its decision in the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. Missouri Governor Nixon has declared Ferguson an emergency and called upon the state’s National Guard.  Police nationwide are expecting violence. And curiously, there has been a very quiet meeting between President Obama   and Ferguson ‘activists.’

We heard earlier that the Federal Department of Justice has sent to Ferguson the same team that helped organize the mobs against George Zimmerman in the shooting of Travon Martin. We’ve also heard that ‘activists’ are busy in Ferguson and elsewhere, drilling ‘protesters’ in tactics to react to the Grand Jury decision.

The last such  organized “spontaneous” reaction was the Lefty “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations that turned out well organized and funded by Lefty interests. Perhaps here we go again, with this time, the Left utilizing suggestible (and cheaper) blacks to further its aims. At this point, it is an organized lynching of a police officer, since we don’t know what the actual evidence amounts to. In fact, most of what has been published so far, seems to absolve the officer, though whether that will hold up remains before us. But no matter; the blacks and the Left want the officer lynched and that’s all. Not much of a way to run a country supposedly respectful of the rule of law …

So, why is this expensive charade organized and financed? Obviously not to secure justice for anyone, black or white. Whose interests are forwarded here? President Obama may claim that it proves U.S. racism demands Federal intervention to ‘protect’ blacks. Some interests will use black rioting as an excuse to attack blacks and that will certainly be claimed whether true or not. This organized event will at least, drive a deeper wedge between black and white in America, an ongoing Obama program to date. Depending upon the quality of prosecutors and jurors in Ferguson, it may lynch a white police officer, or contrariwise, let him off a hook upon which for all we know, he should hang. Given the interests of today’s media, we may never know that.

It appears to us that the folks behind the “Occupy Wall Street” are, having failed in that attempt, perhaps trying again using the blacks instead of college dropouts. Massive organization ins’t cheap to begin and if it is to be ‘spontaneous’ is likely even more expensive as that appearance requires more organization.

All of this is disturbing; the worst of it in our mind, is the presence in the thick of things, of the Federal government. One more government activity to be added to unleashing the IRS against political opponents, running guns to Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists, seizing control of healthcare with a dishonest scam and grabbing control of education with another called: “Common Core.” Given all that, the rent-a-mob business may be less astonishing.

It provides the suspicion of government abetting or even aiding destructive civil disorder for reasons that cannot benefit the citizens, let alone the blacks used as tools to further whatever may be the ultimate purpose. We will, if this proceeds as initially reported, likely need a larger sized tinfoil hat to contain our paranoia, right?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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