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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

A week of events and information; you decide if it is progress …  Charlotte riots: “The mark of Soros” (Article) If rioters are arrested, why not their employer?) The culture: An elderly white woman was robbed, beaten and burned alive … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Charlotte ‘Protests’

We are becoming used to the sight of black mobs destroying property and beating people; that is losing its shock value and becoming, as radio host Rush Limbaugh said today, “Normal.” That set us thinking. Why are these people doing … Continue reading

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Are We Paranoid To Wonder Who’s Paying To Organize The Coming Ferguson Riots?

From appearances, the Left is investing big bucks into Ferguson, MO in order to organize widespread black violence on cue.  The FBI has warned that violence is likely when the Grand Jury announces its decision in the shooting of Michael Brown … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene; (Politically Uncorrected)

5 Dead; 18 Wounded   A lovely Spring Weekend in Chicago Woman Set Afire    In a Fort Worth Convenience store, a woman threw flammable liquid on another woman and ignited it. Victim burned 90% of her body may die; … Continue reading

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Clay Feet, Swedes, Brits and Moslems Who Somehow, Aren’t Nice…

Sweden stands as the ideal of socialist Europe; the happy, perfectly executed ideal of the European Left. It gives the lie to Right complaints of human nature and reality and really, cannot be answered. So why has Stockholm been burning … Continue reading

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Obama Victorious, the Human Condition and Shakespeare

The election over, “The tumult and the shouting die; the captains and the kings depart…” and mundane taxpayers are left to clean up the erstwhile battlefield. Unfortunately, with whatever remains of their money rather than soap and water. Now once … Continue reading

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If You’re SURE You Want To Know What’s Next…

Nobody seems willing to tell what’s coming with an election close so here’s the currently unmentionable reality, summed up for you: 1. In January, Congress will hasten toward the real world, tackling America’s impossible financial position by starting to reduce … Continue reading

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How Do You Vote: “NO!” for President?

Big Spanish and Portuguese riots today are being called: “Europe’s Next Crisis” just as we’re told the recession is over and we’re recovering, though slowly. And if you believe that… See, the politicians whose years of unfulfillable promises are now … Continue reading

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Occupy Using Black Blockheads?

Excepting some over-exuberance in Oakland, last summers’s Occupy tantrums were remarkably non-destructive for Lefty displays of outrage. And they fizzled in the news. We’ve been hearing that the folks funding the thing weren’t pleased and have been adding more aggressive … Continue reading

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