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A Couple of InsignificantStories

A remarkably loud silence has underlined two recent reports. With the attention of our “news” minions seemingly inversely proportional to the real import of information these days, we herewith provide some thoughts generated by those reports for your amusement, boredom … Continue reading

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Who Do You Believe, Bro? (Me, Or Your Lying Eyes …)

Things that are somehow, not news just now: After Turkey shot down a Russian plane, Russia is massing troops on the Turkish border, having transited Georgia and Armenia to do so. China continues to enlarge its land grab of south … Continue reading

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A frw simple questions occurred to us this morning, between awakening and arising: Whatever happened to the AIDS epidemic? Whatever happened to the Ebola threat? Whatever happened to the Russian invasion in Urraine? Whatever happened to al Qaeda (that toppled … Continue reading

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Remember When JournalistsTried To Inform Us? (If You do, You’re Old!)

Researchers have recently reported that some of us store memories in rich detail,while others file what amounts to the equivalent of outline notes. And the two styles use different brain regions. Perhaps  that contributes to the differences between various observers’ … Continue reading

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America’s Newly Nice Wars (Are Only Nice To The Enemy)

If you needed a bodyguard to keep you safe from attack, would you hire one who scrupulously observed the rules of fair fighting when he was protecting you? That amounts to what Western democratic societies have allowed the internet to … Continue reading

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It Is the Best of all Possible Economies … And It Is the Worst of all Possible Economies …

For your amusement, we have assembled a few news reports: Home ownership rate 63.4%, lowest since 1967/  Housing is hot again. Pending sales of owner-occupied homes fell in June. These are contemporary stories. If they seem confusing, please do not … Continue reading

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Is Immigration The Next Crisis? Or Is Ferguson To Last A While?

A few weeks back, we were sweating the possible arrival of more Ebola patients in the U.S. Just before that, we were anxious that ISIS might start blowing up Americans. Still earlier, the concern was Russia’s badly camouflaged grab for … Continue reading

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Ferguson, Ukraine, Ebola … It’s All A Show, Folks, To Fleece The Suckers … (OnlyThe Blood Is Real)

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste” is now Rahm’s Rule. Erstwhile White House Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now immortal with that remark. He will live in political wisdom- or infamy — … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

A week and an U.S. election having blown by, find herewith the bits that stuck to our sieve: Ministers  in Idaho  will perform gay weddings or be jailed. A 90 year old man and two ministers  in Florida will stop … Continue reading

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Will Ebola and ISIS Lose News Value Next Wednesday?

Not much news leaks through the media bulwark of Ebola and ISIS but we assume the earth proceeds even without our attention. Russia is still trying to mug Ukraine, Hong Kong is still trying to wrest some freedom from China, … Continue reading

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