Amnesty: Invasion By Presidential Invitation?

Pied PiperEcecutive Amcesty seems the topic of the day. We will learn tomorrow whether that is the intent of the President’s forthcoming Executive Order. Presently, no law provides him authority to grant mass amnesty so we doubt that he will provide that. The man is after all, a lawyer … or was, until he surrendered his law license to avoid sanctions.

We expect that he will instead, offer in effect, to refrain from pursuing illegal aliens, leaving them alone to live in the U.S. as they wish without prosecution for their breach of U.S. law against that. Our view, that the President has sworn an oath to enforce said law, he cannot now decide to ignore his obligation for his political purposes. At least, not legally. And we expect that someone will pursue legal challenges, whether or not the GOP does so. Whether the courts hasten will be instructive. We should recall that both Republicans and Democrats favor amnesty, only voters do not. Well, and a few demagogues.

As the courts are both costly and slow, much can occur before any legal disposition comes down to us; perhaps the Democrats and Republicans favoring amnesty are relying upon that. Past Presidents of both parties have rounded up and deported large numbers of illegal aliens without a fuss when the U.S. economy made them competitors for Americans; the media in those instances did not broadcast photos of crying alien children looking undernourished.

Amnesty has been granted in the past, resulting in the present. Granting it again will fertilize the process, guaranteeing a still larger future amnesty. The real question here is not spoken, at least in public: How many aliens can the U.S. economy, now declining, absorb at a reasonable cost?  Said cost, reasonable or not, is paid by American citizens under increasing economic pressure.

At bottom, people leave their native lands because existence there is untenable for them. Folks under such conditions are most of the earth’s population and they deserve sympathy. They do not deserve that Americans and Europeans who have worked themselves into better conditions should abandon those better conditions in favor of said illegals. The poor are due our charity, not all of our possessions.

Conditions in Central Asia are bad. Latin American is mostly in decline, Africa is approaching uninhabitable in many places and Asia is facing declining markets. Are all those inhabitants entitled to invade the West, that is itself declining? Many of today’s governing class seem to believe that, usually without bothering to consider from whence will come the resources to fund such goings-on.

Simplistic U.S. Republicans yammer: “Close the border!” as though that were possible. How, failing to exclude drugs, do they believe they can exclude desperate people? Reducing the flow will help, but is no solution.

But to hold out glittering invitations is even more foolish when the awaiting feast is an illusion. The declining economies of the West will stop the anschluss of immigrants in due course; no one struggles to go where there is no better life. But that will take a while. Not perhaps, too long a while …

Meanwhile, the Pied Piper in the White House tempts the poor as though he still had the wealth they will need after their arrival in this no longer golden land. While they are perhaps understandably foolish; he is unforgivably dishonest. And we, standing by as though we were mere onlookers, will deserve the economic collapse to which it will contribute.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Amnesty: Invasion By Presidential Invitation?

  1. Pete says:

    We understand he has no authority to grant amnesty but he has, and no doubt will do it again. What should equally incite everyone however is the total lack of courage of ((anyone)) in congress to stop him.

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