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How Much Progress Can We Stand?

Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly recently opined that black culture and the dissolution of the black family underlie the inarguable fact that the blacks have a lock on the bottom of American society. He was of course, shouted down by … Continue reading

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Figure Skating Officialdom: How Ya Gonna Pay For your Habit?

The sport has been schizophrenic since someone grafted dancer Jackson Haines’ ice ballet onto the gentleman’s pastime of drawing figures on ice. Writers asked: Is this art or sport? Are those judges picking the best athlete or the outstanding artist? … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Another week of reality has passed in front of us, some attracting attention, some not. Here are the snippets we chose; draw your own conclusions therefrom. We have drawn ours! Chicago: 3 dead, 12 wounded in current shootings. No week … Continue reading

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We Have Always Known It’s The Jews’ Fault!

European (and American) antisemitism was general before WWII. Hitler’s not-so-secretly envied solution brought immediate postwar guilt when the camps full of its excesses received inescapable publicity. That much of the guilt was hypocritical did not prevent its leading to the … Continue reading

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How Spending Continues But We Miraculously Don’t Owe Any More Money

The U.S. Treasury spends money and receives it every working day. It has been spending more than it receives for years and those deficits provide our ever-growing National Debt for politicians to argue over and taxpayers to pay, with interest. … Continue reading

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A Teapot Tempest And A Big Airhead Compete For Stupidity

An ongoing fuss about a Missouri State Fair rodeo clown is depriving more deserving news of exposure. The clown, either through poor judgement or political skullduggery, acted stupid with a charging bull, wearing an Obama mask. It was standard rodeo … Continue reading

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Who Will Not Read History, Is Condemned To What?

A large selling point for the European Unions’ formation was the history of endless hostilities in the region. Once WWII was out of the way, the place has been uncharacteristically placid, attesting to the success of the E.U. idea…unless of … Continue reading

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