A Teapot Tempest And A Big Airhead Compete For Stupidity

Obama MaskAn ongoing fuss about a Missouri State Fair rodeo clown is depriving more deserving news of exposure. The clown, either through poor judgement or political skullduggery, acted stupid with a charging bull, wearing an Obama mask. It was standard rodeo stuff but for the mask and some accompanying dialogue. It must have been a slow news day; the usual suspects went bonkers at the lese-majeste, others were displeased by political statements in lieu of entertainment. The clown was of course, fired and that should have been the end of it. But then, the jury’s decision should have been the end of the Zimmerman-Martin case, too.

The predictable officials went into huff and puff mode for the newsfolk: The clown is now banned from the State Fair for life, all future clowns must attend sensitivity training classes and various local popinjays have resigned. If you didn’t know better, you might think that this has been a huge issue and that somebody cared, both conclusions false on their faces. The Obama is apparently, turning into something of a cult; His Mightiness is not to be disparaged and if you do; you will pay. Remembering Reagan masks and the public denigration of Bush, one wonders when U.S. Presidents became too sacred to target with laughter? We expect that in say, North Korea or China or Iran, it seems a poor fit for Washington, D.C. and quite extraordinary for Missouri.

The Fair had a right to fire the clown; it was hiring an entertainer, not a protester and it received what it didn’t intend. And that should have been that. Piling on all the rest is overkill, political posturing by the officials, making them hypocrites. If anyone were being honest, the clown could have been fired just for failure to be amusing, without all the hoopla. But I guess, all the hoopla was likely the point. A tempest in not even a teacup, rather a demitasse. Not to waste even so tiny a crisis though, a Republican Pooh-Bah had to pile on with a report on the lack of outrage in 1994 when a rodeo clown put a George H. W. Bush mask on a bull. Seems to me, any outrage should have come from the S.P.C.A. but it was evidently, wisely not paying attention.

The other half of today’s observations is the opposite, a very significant event that was barely recognized by the newsfolk and few reacted. This one is a New Mexico court decision that seemed to attract little notice and soon faded but doesn’’t seem any smarter than Missouri’s clown act. The state’s Supreme Court ruled that, per the state’s constitution, a citizen can’t be excluded from jury service merely because he doesn’t speak and understand English. If this stands and spreads, American courts may come to resemble the United Nations, a true Hall of the Winds, with translators on call, paid by of course, taxpayers. I’m sure said translators will relay every nuance of witness testimony perfectly to their jurors. But such a decision was perfectly predictable; forced equality rules today no matter the cost. That’s just the way it is. It is of course, a stupid decision but since it is politically correct, the stupidity will be overlooked and its consequences financed by the taxpayers while additional costs will be paid in other ways by those whose cases will be decided by jurors who can’t understand the language. But equality has been served! Justice, not so much…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to A Teapot Tempest And A Big Airhead Compete For Stupidity

  1. NEO says:

    I could quarrel a bit about the role of a rodeo clown but it’s unimportant to the (non)story. It seems to me as well that the cult of Obama is getting a bit out of hand. If he’s that thin skinned we need to park him in a plastic bag in an ICU where he won’t get hurt.

    The New Mexico decision is atrocious of course, but some things I’ve read on it say it tracks from the New Mexico constitution, which some seem to think was heavily influenced by the Gadsden purchase, which makes no sense to me but apparently did to the lawyer who wrote the article.

    What really troubled me today, and was little reported was that when the Egyptian army cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood, it attacked the Coptic Church, Another area where I have no answer but don’t like what is happening..

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Interesting that New Mexico was full of Spanish speakers before it became American, before it became a state or had a constitution, yet it has taken until now to figure out that those incompetent in English are entitled to jury service. I guess New Mexican judges read pretty slowly? Christians and other non-Muslims seem under fire all over Arabia, no matter who’s in charge…but it seldom seems to have news value, right?

      • NEO says:

        They’ll be sorry, unless they like making decisions about other people’s lives for inadequate pay. I guess they do, it didn’t make much sense to me either.

        There’s a lot of it going around, all right. I hear that Egypt today was some of the worst seen in generations but you’re right, wouldn’t be PC to cover it.

  2. Jim Teague says:

    Regarding the New Mexico decision: Its perfect for those who wish to challenge a conviction. Request a retrial even if there was a translator. “The jury didn’t understand my case your Honor.” or “It wasn’t the sworn juror’s opinion, it was the translator’s opinion that convicted me your Honor.” Should help drag out the case length too for additional costs.

  3. Jim Teague says:

    This is perfect for those who wish a retrial. “Your honor, the jury didn’t understand my case.” Or “Your Honor, it wasn’t the sworn juror’s opinion, it was the translator’s opinion” A perfect way to delay and delay…..

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