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The Pied Pipers Leading The West Into Poverty As They Pursue Illusion …

As their better-late-than-never industrialization has matured, the living standards in China, India, Brazil and elsewhere have increased, thereby also increasing their costs of production. Back at the developed countries, as their industries have sought less costly production abroad, living standards … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Another week has passed, cluttering the scene with significant events to sort from the general mishmash. Enjoy! Green is fading in Europe in the face of unaffordable cost and the indefensible failure rate of green enterprises, otherwise known as reality. … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Sacrifice Of The Birds

Ruffled Feathers is the latest report-that-is-not-news ignored by the environmentally supportive (well, when it suits) mediafolk. It is approved greenness to love both birds and windmills. a rather delicate balance to maintain when the former is slaughtered by the latter as … Continue reading

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The World is Equalizing; We Can Fish or Cut Bait…

This is the short, simple, unpleasant way it is and will be. You won’t like it. I don’t like it, but that doesn’t change it. It’s the reality you aren’t hearing anywhere else. Western civilization industrialized, thereby getting rich. Nobody … Continue reading

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New York Times re: Hot Times in the Big Apple!

If the New York Times still leads the Liberal Green parade (debated) we’re in for some hot times in the Big Apple and elsewhere. We already know we use too much energy, live in oversized homes and drive oversized cars. Congress … Continue reading

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Ned and Tom Have Moved to Washington and Gone Into Politics…

Couple of fellows I’d like you to meet: Ned Ludd and Thomas Malthus, both Brits now dead but with a lot to say about present U.S. government policy. Tom, an economist but respectable otherwise,  did his thing in 1898. By … Continue reading

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