Blacks, Muslims and the Dog in the Night Time

Sherlock HolmesWhile Sherlock Holmes is probably more familiar to your parents, he and Dr. Watson remain a literary landmark, a founding model for modern police investigations and a continuing resource for pithy quotes. A famous quote still living today is a reference to: “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time“.

Blacks in America and Muslims most anywhere share a remarkable similarity with that dog, so we’re providing these remarks for your consideration. It defines a huge commonality between the two groups. Holmes referred to what the dog did in the night-time and Dr. Watson responded: “The dog did nothing in the night-time”.  To which Holmes replied: “That was the curious incident”.

And it seems equally curious that neither blacks nor Muslims, both of whom claim the status of the abused and mistreated, contribute a word when their representatives are performing the abuses and mistreatment. When it is done to them, they are victims; when they do it to others, why the silence? Or on occasion, even celebrations? And this, it should be noted, is not limited to the blacks and Muslims; the same hypocrisy extends to the Leftish media that magnifies some events while ignoring others.

There’s no need to enlarge on the media propagandizing of Trayvon Martin’s death or the efforts of both media and government to lynch George Zimmerman for his involvement. About how many of America’s local, neighborhood shootings does the President go out making speeches and send his Attorney General to grab the investigation from the local cops? And how does that compare to the 2009 case where a black neighborhood watchman shot and killed a white teen?  It seems that in America, blacks can kill whites but the reverse isn’t allowed, regardless of the facts.

Wit Martin’s death, the Jackson/Sharpton outrage machine leaped into full bay without bothering with the facts, howling for Zimmerman’s head. The ‘black community’ yelled for essentially, vengeance, per the media. If there were any blacks appalled by this rabid reaction, they were silent or subject to media blackout. The vigilantes ruled.

In the boiling Middle East turmoil, Christians, Jews, Druze and any non-Muslims are becoming fair game, subject to bombings, church burning,, beatings on the street, rape and other such loving attentions, often at the behest of Muslim clerics. We saw, when the Twin Towers came down on 9/11, videos of Muslims dancing in the streets. Yet our leaders respond with soothing words: “Islam is a religion of peace.” Islams’s peace these days, is the peace of the grave. They tell us repeatedly of the moderate Muslims who don’t believe in Jihad, who disapprove of murdering any women, children and dogs that aren’t Muslim. Cats too, I suppose.  So, where are those “moderate Muslims”? Probably hanging out somewhere they can beat on the fair-minded blacks…

Most folk prefer to work on their own problems, not to go our after others who’ve done nothing to justify attack. But the blacks are political pawns of Democrats who have made a pact with them: be shock troops in our political army and we’will take care of you. And the schools, media and entertainment assure the black kids are indoctrinated with that and the white villainy that is used to justify it. The Democrats perpetrate dependence and revenge, calling it fairness.

The Muslims live poor and dependent in too many of their countries; Islam is about submission and there are always plenty of clerics and dictators enforcing that. Its 6th century socio-political paradigm is collapsing before modern science and education; much of the repression imposed by its fundamentalists is a reaction, an attempt to hold back the tide of knowledge that gives the lie to the Islamic lifestyle. While this storm blows around the mass of the faithful, they hunker down and do nothing.

The similarity of the black and Muslim reactions, or lack of them, is striking. It’s often repeated, that for evil to triumph, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing. That is a lesson often forgotten and expensively relearned in the West but it is no less true elsewhere.

There are plenty of middle class blacks in America and plenty of worthy Muslims in the world. They have snoozed with Sherlock Holmes’ dog in the nigh-time; they need to be heard or accept their status as enablers of evil.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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3 Responses to Blacks, Muslims and the Dog in the Night Time

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this could be proved otherwise in Afghanistan? While Seria, Yemen, Iraq, and Egypt rise-up Islamic & we are driven out, we might consider building on what we’ve begun in Afghanistan ~ I mean really providing these simple folk the makings for a reborn Little America…

    • Jack Curtis says:

      It would be a true gift, if it could be done. We’ve been trying since 2001 though, so far without even the result obtained in Iraq. I wonder if one can shoot someone else into democratic government. And I wonder whether a Moslem country can operate an honest democracy.
      Of course, it’s an open question whether we can continue to do that ourselves, I suppose….

    • Jack Curtis says:

      It would indeed, be nice.

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