Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

What Me Worry ObamaAnother week has passed, cluttering the scene with significant events to sort from the general mishmash. Enjoy!

Green is fading in Europe in the face of unaffordable cost and the indefensible failure rate of green enterprises, otherwise known as reality. We’re told that this about-face is also accompanied by a return to the actual reporting of facts and asking of questions by the German media, resulting in an increasingly honest public picture. Apparently, the Europeans have simply run out of money to burn at Gaia’s altar. Since in the United States, running out of money is taken only as a means of energizing the Fed’s Ben Bernanke, we shouldn’t count on a similar U.S. effect anytime soon, but just in case, we offer a climate fact in case it helps: Antarctic ice (it;s winter down there) has expanded by 900,000 square kilometers above its historic average, leading to giggles in the global warming deniers’ camp. Climate alarmists, we know, do not feel the cold…

Men, we have just learned, are being transformed into wimps under the fell power of liberal women, who apparently expect the erstwhile stronger sex to among other things, cry. Who knows what evil will follow; perhaps men will be expected, if this continues, to wash as well… Some lady scientists are likely forming a lobby to rename the ‘Y’ chromosome more fittingly; would the ‘whine’ chromosome serve, do you think? But one wonders, as this proceeds, to whom will the ladies hand recalcitrant jars and bottles to be opened?

Chicago shootings over last weekend were an unimpressive toll of 2 dead and 9 wounded; do you suppose the city is suffering an ammunition shortage?

Kansas City appears to have its own solution to the unsanitary abortion mills; , simple, municipal service. To wit: A dead baby was found in a municipal garbage truck.

America’s widely trumpeted ‘recovery’ has apparently gone unnoticed by its homeowners, a group now at an 18 year low. In other news, only 47.6 million people are depending upon food stamps now. But there is good as well as depressing news floating by this week: We know that many workers whose unemployment benefits have run out, are still afloat on government benefits; they’ve just switched to collecting disability payments. Some 18 million souls are now doing that, a high point as you may imagine. But a fairly substantial number of these are a hidden reserve in case a  sudden demand for workers overruns the supply because they could work if they wished. Gives you faith in the system, right?

Knowing as they do our widespread financial distress, our compassionate governors have handed out more help, taking the form of a plethora of new regulations that will increase costs all over the place. Government compassion is famous for a reason…

The Internet is benefiting from government interest as well: Twitter was forced into censorship and Apple’s Itunes and app stores will now set prices with the help of government overseers, courtesy of a Federal judge.

New York City is used to superlatives; it has earned a new one. It’s 3 year old, 21 story public health building has found five of those stories infested with bedbugs. The city is taking it in stride; it’s already known as America’s bedbug capital. Blase’ seems appropriate, this is the second such infestation of the new building…

Looking ahead at coming government improvements of our lives, the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a new plan: It is intending to diversify our bigoted, discriminatory, unfair residential neighborhoods, nationwide. This program  is apparently not intended to be voluntary. You won’t need to worry about diversity anymore; your government is taking care of it for you.

Chicago isn’t taking its storied violence and death lightly; under the leadership of its intrepid Godfather Rham Emanuel, the city is setting up a blood drive, to increase its stores of blood for transfusing those of its citizens whose blood has leaked through various holes created by other citizens.

So now you have the Legos from which to assemble your picture of America of a week or so past; I hope that the model is informative.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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