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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

A large helping from a busy week: The corruption: Why are some Congressfolk resolutely defending IT techie villains who have fled the country to escape justice? (Article) (Conspiracy or corruption? You decide) Fox News will fire Hannity next week? (Report) … Continue reading

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Why Does The Media Want A Howling Mob Over An American In A Mexican Jail On Gun Charges?

Why did the Mexicans arrest an American marine on gun charges is a reasonable question; why we are encouraged to become excited about it is a better one. U.S. Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi is in jail in Mexico. He was arrested, … Continue reading

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An Angry Mexico, A Slippery Congress And Trusting Voters Are Putting On A Show

  Mexico, we are told, is angry. We learn this from news stories and from viral emails, duly attested by Snopes. The real world fact is limited to an indignant statement by the country’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs and a … Continue reading

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