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The Politics of Mince Pie and Fruitcake …

A decade or two ago, the self-appointed cognoscenti now disposing of Christmas, trumpeted in chorus that the seasonal delights mince pie and fruitcake were but low class indicators of a lack of taste, never mind that they are delicious and … Continue reading

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Driverless Car Thoughts For Today …

Self-driving cars are being tested; you likely know that. Some Tesla models include self-driving features, you may know that, too. But mass production self-driving cars are still futuristic, so you can think about that later, right? Maybe not. Yes, the … Continue reading

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When Did We Imprison Our Kids? And Why?

Recollections of a kid growing up in America: We were safe from all but ourselves. Moms worried about pedophiles and trained us appropriately, but we were regularly told: “Go play outside!” Which we did, on our own unsupervised, all day. … Continue reading

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Google, The European Union … and A Funeral for Unlimited Search?

Google recently lost an appeal to the European Union’s highest court and we’re all very much involved. The complaint against the search giant came from a plaintiff who did not wish to be found in a search. Google, in the … Continue reading

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Recycling Thomas Jefferson?

Politicians wishing to be put by the voters into charge of the U.S. government generally offer bribes to buy the needed votes. They hide the otherwise obvious fact  that those same voters will have to pay for the promised benefits … Continue reading

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  Reports tell us that over half of Federal prisoners are drug cases and some $1 trillion has been spent on the ‘War on Drugs.’ The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has offices all over the world. That adds to … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Reality has provided us another week; here are the gleanings thereof: Life in a free country vignette: (video) Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but it doesn’t seem to impress the police… California is being sued for discrimination…by an illegal … Continue reading

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Words We’re Taught To Fear…

“Them’s fighting words, stranger!” appeared in many Westerns; all knew what was going on. Someone was trying to manipulate another. Words are the incarnation of thoughts; by controlling their meanings, politicians aim to control the thoughts they represent. During the … Continue reading

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The Trouble With And Without, Churches

  American sociopolitical leaders have decided the country should abandon its Judeo-Christian history in favor of atheism for the convenience of government. The Obama Administration is attacking Jewish and Christian, especially Catholic, institutions along populist lines to implement that policy. … Continue reading

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Victory for Martha; Will We All Win Too?

How often does a nine year old Scots girl force the government to back up in public? Victory for Martha Payne explains one such event while suggesting too that our world has changed from under us. Martha’s local government banned her blogging about … Continue reading

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